Sync Game Progress and App Data Between Android Devices

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I have always loved

playing games on my Android

and now that I have a 10” tablet, the fun has increased fourfold. When I am at home I play

games on my tablet

, however when I am traveling, more often than not I end up playing them on my phone.

Now the thing that was bugging me was the game progress on both the devices. As there’s no default way I could sync my game progress in both the devices, I had to play the entire sequence again on the second device after switching over… until I found the solution to this problem.

After a bit of a research, I was able to find two Android apps using which one can easily transfer saved game progress across multiple Android devices. The first app requires root while the second one is universal.

For Rooted Devices

If you own multiple Android devices and both of them are rooted, you have come in for a treat today. DataSync is an amazing app for Android using which you can sync not only game progress between Android devices, but also app data and specific folders. After you install the app, you will have to grant it root access. The app will check if you have the latest version on your device and if it fails, it will open the Play Store page and ask you to download BusyBox Installer.

Sync Android Game And Files 6

Once the app’s initialized, long tap on the app data you would like to sync and add it to queue. If you would like to sync files and folders, navigate to the Files tab and add them to the queue. After you have added everything, tap on the save button and save it under a name.

Sync Android Game And Files 1

When you would like to transfer the data, tap on transfer button and select the device you would like to send to. If the receiving Android is on the same Wi-Fi network and the app is running on it, it will be detected automatically. Once you touch the device it will give you the option to upload, download or two way sync (available after upgrading to Pro). The syncing might take time depending upon the size of the transfer. The app also supports Bluetooth and you can try it if there’s no Wi-Fi access point you can connect to.

Sync Android Game And Files 2
Sync Android Game And Files 5

As the app doesn’t provide syncing authentication, for security reasons don’t forget to kill the app after you are done. Also keep both the apps running as long as the transfer is in progress.

Cool Tip: As the app uses Wi-Fi access point, you can use it to transfer files and folders to your friend’s device. When you are done, just delete the task from the queue.

Non-Rooted Devices Alternative

If you don’t have root access on your phone but want to transfer the game progress between your devices, SaveShare (UPDATE: This app is not available anymore) could help you out. The app can sync your game progress between Android devices without root access. The only catch is that the app supports only some of the famous games and contains a list of these games in the app itself.

Sync Android Game And Files 4

Unlike the previous app, SaveShare uses a Dropbox folder to save and restore the game progress therefore both the devices should be connected to the internet. After you install and launch the app, you will be asked to link it to your Dropbox account and this has to be done on both the devices. Having done that, click on the game you wish to sync the data for and tap on the option if you would like to save the content to Dropbox or restore it.

Sync Android Game And Files 3

If a game you would like to sync is not supported, you can always email the developer to request him to include it in the next update.


So this is how you can sync game progress and other app data between Android devices. If your device is not rooted, I strongly recommend you go for it. There’s so much you are missing out on. The final decision however rests on you because as you will see in the post linked to in the sentence above, there are some demerits of rooting too.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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