How to Find and Backup Product Keys Using LicenseCrawler

You know how important product keys are, don’t you. That’s what makes a software work. They are usually there on the installation CD/DVD that comes with a software or in the registration email you get when you download it from the net. However, if you don’t find it at those places then it isn’t easy to find it on your PC either.

You would need the product keys if you reinstall the software or reinstall Windows. And the fastest way to take a backup of all the product keys in your PC is by using a tiny tool known as LicenseCrawler.

All your software license keys rest inside Windows registry and LicenseCrawler can retrieve all those serial numbers easily. This software is specially made for locating all the software keys inside your computer, therefore it does the job pretty well.

Here are the steps.


Install and run the software on your PC. Select your computer as Localhost. It can also detect other PCs in the network. Click “Start Search” to start the process. Check “High speed scan” option.

Note You have to enter user name and password for the network computer and permission to access registry file.

It looks for all the possible keys inside the registry of your computer and displays the result. You can go to File -> Save to save the result on your desktop in .txt format. It is advisable to note all the serial numbers on a notebook and keep it safe for future use.



  • Scans the registry and finds Windows product keys and other serial numbers and licenses.
  • It is a portable application. You can carry it in USB drive.
  • Can find license keys of network attached computer too.
  • It is compatible with all the Windows versions.
  • Easy to use, recover Windows serial numbers  in single click.

Considering how difficult it is to obtain a software serial number if you lose it (just check this page which tells you how to recover serial number for MS Office), this small utility, which is portable too, is definitely a must-have tool for Windows users.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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