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One of the aspects of smartphones that is always under debate is their

battery life

. The iPhone is no exception of course. We’ve already shown you

how to preserve your iPhone battery life

, and Apple on its part constantly brings hardware and software revisions that give users a series of improvements to the battery performance of their iOS devices.

Even so, the battery information that you can get from the iPhone’s settings is extremely basic, so it is up to third party apps to provide iPhone users with better ways to manage their iOS device battery.

This is where Battery Doctor comes into play, offering a great set of battery management tools for iPhone users at absolutely no cost.

Let’s find out everything that this great app has to offer.

Upon opening the app you are welcomed with a very simple and friendly interface, which suits the app very well, helping it convey all the seemingly complex information that it needs to deliver in a more comfortable way.

The Various Menus In the App

The app is organized in five different menus that all offer highly detailed information about the iPhone’s battery and the different ways in which performance is affected by its charge level.

Battery Dr Menu


This is not only Battery Doctor’s main screen, it is also one of its most interesting ones. To start, it displays the current battery level and the time remaining until the iPhone turns off. This is nothing extraordinary of course, but look below and you will see all the services that are active on your iPhone and the time that you can save by turning them all off.

Battery Dr Main

This information is also available on a per-service base, with each segment showing you how you can disable the appropriate service. However, there is no option to disable services right from within the app, although this is Apple’s fault and not the developer’s.

Battery Dr Status 1
Battery Dr Status 2

Tapping the Detail button at the upper right part of the screen will take you to the Power use details, which offers a comprehensive list of the services running on your iPhone and how much time each of them will take to deplete your iOS device’s battery.

Battery Dr Status 3


The Recharge menu is pretty straightforward and offers information about the time it will take for your iPhone’s battery to recharge while also keeping records of your charging history, which in turn helps the app create a Health Score for your battery.

Battery Dr Recharge 1
Battery Dr Recharge 2

Note: You will need to charge your battery with Battery Doctor open for the app to be able to record every detail.


The Rank menu is another very useful screen of Battery Doctor. It ranks the current power usage of your iPhone and all of its services and apps that run in the background. Not only does it show you this, but it also goes more in detail by showing you the amount of battery that each of these apps and processes take.

Battery Dr Power Usage 1
Battery Dr Power Usage 2

Somewhat disappointingly, the app does not cover some other important factors that drain battery life, like the screen power and the OS.


The System menu offers you a series of details about your iPhone, including CPU and Memory Usage, information about your networks, your iPhone’s uptime and more.

Battery Dr System 1
Battery Dr System 2


Lastly, we have the More menu, which gives you access to the app’s Settings and to some useful tips for preserving your iPhone’s battery life.

Battery Dr More 1
Battery Dr More 2

Battery Doctor in Review

As you might have noticed, Battery Doctor is a phenomenal app that offers a ton of information about your iPhone’s battery status at no cost. It also has no ads and its interface is intuitive and responsive, all of which makes it a must-have for any iPhone owner who wants to better manage their iPhone’s battery.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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