How to Watch Hulu Videos on Android (Even Outside US)

In the past, we have seen some tricks using which you can watch Hulu videos on your computer after bypassing the country check. But we are not going to stop there. Today we will show you how you can watch Hulu videos on your Android and not only that, we are going to make it possible even if you reside outside US. The only catch is, your device must be rooted.

Hulu Android

Before we start, here is a list of applications you need to download on your device.

Apps that you Need to Download

Installing The Flash Script

Once you have installed all these apps, the next thing would be to install Flashex script on the Android. The in-depth working of the script is very complicated, but the gist is that the script fools Hulu to think that the Flash you are using is running on a computer and not on a mobile. Meaning, it bypasses the check for compatible device when you try to play Hulu on Android.

To install the script, download and transfer the content of the latest build of Flashex archive file and launch Script Manager app on your device.

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Navigate to the Flashex folder in Script Manager and run On the pop-up frame, select SU icon to run the script as a root user and tap on the Run button. After the script installs on your droid a confirmation message will be shown to you.

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Configuring Dolphin Browser

Having done that, launch Dolphin browser, open the app menu and select Settings. In Settings, select User Agent and change it to Desktop. You can now open Hulu on your browser and watch any video you like. However, there are some points that you need to take care of.

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  • If you are planning to watch videos, make sure you increase the screen timeout on your mobile to maximum. This is necessary as Dolphin browser does not control your screen timeout time and your device will lock in a few minutes after you start watching a video.
  • If you are using any ad-blocker on your device, disable it before you attempt to play videos on Hulu.
  • Change the video quality to low or medium if you experience sound delays.

Note: For the time being, Dolphin has some problem with full screen video support. Well, Jelly Bean users will have to live with that, ICS users can use the stock browser and request desktop site using the browser menu.

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So that was how you can play Hulu videos on your Android browser. But wait a minute! Are you trying to use Hulu outside US? Well if that’s the case, I am afraid you will have to fix one more thing before you can play videos on Hulu.

Accessing Hulu on Android Outside US

As you might know, Hulu is not available outside US; we will have to trick it to believe you are using it from US. Tunlr is a great way to change the DNS settings of a connection to play videos on Hulu and we are going to use it on our droids. So let’s see how we can change Android Wi-Fi DNS to Tunlr.

Step 1: Open Android Wi-Fi settings, and long tap on the Wi-Fi hotspot you are connected to. On the pop-up frame select the option Modify network.

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Step 2: Now select the option DHCP under IP Settings and change it to Static.

2013 01 04 23 54 08

Step 3: Finally replace the two DNS of the connection with Tunlr DNS ( and and save the settings.

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You can now go ahead and try playing Hulu videos. I am quite sure you will succeed.


So that was how you can watch Hulu videos on your rooted Android device without country restrictions. As all the tricks I publish are tested by me, I don’t need to remind you that this one is no different. If you are having difficulty in setting up your Android, you can always reach me through comments.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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