Increase Game Performance on HTC One X using Game Modder

HTC One X, a beast with quad core Tegra 3 processor might be able to run all Tegra 3 optimized games out there with full performance, but when it comes to some regular 3D games like Asphalt and NFS that are not optimized for Tegra 3 chips, the games don’t do that well with graphics and texture.

Asphalt Game

There were mods for some of the famous games, but applying them was not an easy task. But now you can use Game Modder, a Windows tool developed by XDA developer thunder07 to easily patch your APK files. According to the developer:

This App Will Read A Mod Configuration File & Patch Your Game’s APK to increase/decrease graphics Quality to make the game more playable.

We will be needing the game APK file to mod it for the device. To do that, first of all download and install the game from the Play Store. Previously we have already seen how we can make an APK file of any installed app using Astro and then transfer it over Bluetooth so you may go ahead and use the method to extract APK file installed on your device and transfer it. However, today we will see how to directly pull an APK from the device into the computer using ADB command. From what I believe, a few extra tips always come in handy.

Extracting APK File

If you don’t have ADB installed and configured on your computer, this guide can help you with that. Refer to steps 1 to 3. Having done that, activate USB debugging from Android Settings—>Developer options and connect the device to your computer. You must have the Android device drivers installed on the computer. Now open the command prompt, type in the command ADB Devices and press enter. If the command returns at least one device, you are good to go. If not, there’s something wrong either with ADB or device drivers.

Adb Devices

Now to pull out the APK file, we will need the application package name (that the name given to them by developers). To gain the package name of the app, open its Play Store page.

Let me take up an example for easy understanding. Let’s say we want to know the package name of Asphalt 7. Open its Play Store page. Now if the URL link of the page is then everything between id= and &feature is the package name.

Once you have the package name, type in the command ADB pull /data/app/-1.apk and press enter .

For example, adb pull /data/app/

If you wish to give a specific name to the pulled out APK file, you can modify the command as ADB pull /data/app/-1. apk  . apk

Adb Pull Command

The APK file will be extracted to your present working directory of the command prompt. To know that, type CD in command prompt and press enter.

Once you have the APK file, lets see how we can patch it using Game Modder.

Using The Game Modder

Step 1: Download and extract the content of Game Modder archive on your computer. Once you have extracted all the files, make a new folder in there and name it Mods.

Game Mod Dir

Step 2: Now download and copy the game mods to the folder and run the program. Please do not extract the file, instead copy the packed archive. You can find game mods in this thread.

Step 3: Having done that, simply load the file, select the mod you would like to apply and patch the file. The patching might take some time and once it’s done, you will find it in the Signed folder.

Game Modder

Go ahead,  transfer this file to your device and install it to play the game with increased texture and graphics.


That was how you can patch games for your HTC One X easily using Game Modder. This might be the first time ever I would be saying this, but please do not ask me as to which mod is best suited for a game and where you can download one. That’s something I’ll leave you to figure out for yourself.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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