Top 5 Racing Games for Android (Free and Paid)

So far, we have covered a lot of geeky and nerdy Android content, but today we are going to do something different. On readers’ demand, starting today I will be covering a few articles every now and then on Android gaming. And for the first post I will be talking about Android racing games.

Racing Games

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From what I have seen, racing games are loved by everyone irrespective of their age. Speeding cars, outrunning opponents, using nitrous… we love the thrill, don’t we? Here are some of the top Android racing games for this thrilling experience.

We will be talking up both free and paid games in the article. Games tend to be most popular paid apps in any app ecosystem so it’d be foolish to only talk about free apps here.

The Paid Games

1. Asphalt

When it comes to the best racing game for Android and iOS, I highly doubt if any game can make it before Asphalt. Asphalt is not just one game but a series of games that are launched every couple of months and it keeps getting better with each release.

Asphalt 7

Asphalt 7 is the latest addition to the series and is worth every penny. The game is available for only $0.99 and if you ask me, it’s a throwaway price looking at the amazing graphics, stunning music and online multiplayer action you are getting. You can use both accelerometer and touch to control your car and and race in the streets of some of the major cities of the world. You can buy cars, upgrade the ones that are already in your garage and take them online to compete with other fellow players.

The game is huge in size and you really need a powerful device with around 2 GB free space to install and run it. When you are playing the game, don’t forget to check out the adrenaline mode after your nitrous is fully pumped up.

2. Need for Speed

Need for Speed aka NFS has taught the world how to race when it comes to computer games and it extends its legacy to Android as well. Just like Asphalt, Need for Speed it not one game but a series of many games that are launched by Electronic Arts

Nfs Most Wanted

Need for Speed Most Wanted is the latest addition to the series and is hardcore racing. Unlike Asphalt, you don’t just need to outrun opponents, but the cops as well without damaging your car. The game is available at 86% discount for a limited time and believe me, if you love to race and your Android device is powerful enough, you should go ahead and try out the game.

The graphics are absolutely stunning and is not what you get in every game out there.

The Ones Which are Free

3. GT Racing: Motor Academy

GT Racing: Motor Academy (UPDATE: This game is not available anymore) is yet another game from Gameloft, the maker of Asphalt, but is free to install and play. Though the game is free, the graphics and game play can be more or less compared to Asphalt. You will have to win races and gain experience multipliers to unlock new events and upgrades. However, if you like, you can pay a few bucks and buy these experience points. It’s optional though.

Gt Moter

The game is not as powerful as Asphalt and Need for Speed and if you don’t have a powerful device, you can try it out. There’s nothing to lose.

4. Death Rally

Unlike the above games, Death Rally is a 2-Dimensional game but is no less in fun. Death Rally reminds me of the movie Death Race and just like Jason Statham, you will have to race, use weapons and explosives to make it to the first.  You can customize your car to a great extent and once you are ready, it’s time to race.

Death Rally

There are some in-app purchases but you can keep on playing and earn credits to unlock them.

5. Tiki Kart

Last but not the least is Tiki Kart. In the game, you have to race a kart and beat fellow opponents. During the race, there are many power ups you can collect and use them on opponents to win over them. But watch out, what goes around, comes around. Look out for fellow racers who try to outrun you by using the same power ups.

Tiki Kart

The speed of the kart is not as thrilling when compared to Asphalt and NFS cars, but is really fun to play. The game also supports multilayer if you wish to compete against others out there.


So these were some of the awesome racing games available for Android. Do try them out and tell us which of them you liked the best.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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