4 Reasons Why I Prefer Firefox Over Chrome for Android

I highly favor Chrome over Firefox when I am working on my computer but when it comes to Android, Chrome is highly disappointing. Other than the advantage of syncing the computer bookmarks and running sessions, I can’t seem to find one good reason as to why I should use it. (Ok, may be for private browsing too.)

Chrome Vs Fx

Firefox on the other hand has got so many features (reasons) for you to use and today we will be talking about four of them which I love the most.

Note: Firefox might be falling behind Chrome by few points when it comes to browser tests, but I have found that in real life usage these points hardly make a difference.

1. Flash Support

You might already know the fact that Abode Flash is not officially available for Android Jelly Bean any more due to security reasons and Google has removed the support from Chrome for Android as well. Even if you are working on Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Adobe Flash is installed on the device, you will not be able to view flash content on Chrome.

Firefox Android Advantage 6

On the other hand, currently Firefox provides a stable support for Flash and if Flash app is installed on the device, you can play Flash content without any glitches. Dolphin HD also provides native support for Flash and is worth checking out.

Firefox Android Advantage 5

Cool Tip: Are you missing Abode Flash on your Android Jelly Bean device? See how to force install Flash on Android 4.1 devices.

2. Add-ons Support

Both Chrome and Firefox provide support for extensions and add-ons when it comes to desktop browsers but only Firefox continues the legacy to Android. Firefox for Android supports add-ons using which you can enable some additional features on specific websites. For example, there are add-ons using which you can download flash videos from websites, block ads and do so much more.

Firefox Android Advantage 1

The add-ons for Android browser differ from those that are used by the desktop version of the browser and thus the latter’s versions cannot be used on the former. However, many add-ons have already been ported and developers are working on the rest.

3. Reading View

As much as I love writing articles, I love to read them as well. I usually use my Android tablet to read online articles and Firefox makes sure I have a wonderful experience doing that. Reading mode in Firefox is an amazing feature that strips it off all the unnecessary clutter on the page and gives you just what you should be concentrating on. If a page has enough content and the reading mode is supported for it, you will see a book icon on the right corner of the URL bar. Simply tap on the icon to activate Reading Mode for that page.

Firefox Android Advantage 2
Firefox Android Advantage 3

Firefox also supports Reading List and you can add a page to it using the option in its menu.

Firefox Android Advantage 4

4. Supports Larger Range of Devices

While Chrome is only supported for Ice Cream Sandwich devices and above, Firefox for Android supports Gingerbread devices as well. As both my devices are upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich, the matter doesn’t concern me. But as a large percentage of Android users are still running theirs on Gingerbread, Firefox is the most optimal choice in browsers that’s available for them.


So these were the reasons why I prefer Firefox over Chrome when it comes to Android. Firefox might have lost the race to Chrome when it comes to browsing on the desktop but in Android it’s certainly doing its bit to stand out. If you think Chrome’s better, don’t forget to mention the points to support your argument.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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