Evernote Food iOS: Never Forget That Meal or Restaurant Again

Evernote Food Review

Have you ever thought that your life revolves around the meals you eat? Have you ever had a day of which you can’t remember anything clearly except the great food you had? If this reads like you and if you ever wanted to organize your life by foods or simply would like to remember those dishes you love, then Evernote has something special for you.

Evernote is known all throughout the web for being an app where you can store literally all kinds of information, providing a really all-in-one solution for those who like to record everything for later reference of simply for fun. It is just because of this breadth though, that the main apps of Evernote can be too much for some specific tasks, including recording all your food memories.

This is where Evernote Food for iOS comes in. The app has been available for Android devices for several months now, but it wasn’t just until a few days that its revamped version was released for iOS, bringing some great, nice features with it. This food-related spinoff carrying the Evernote brand offers all the convenience of Evernote but also provides users with a complete focus on food that helps to keep everything food-related much better organized.

Evernote Food Main
Evernote Food Main Screen

Let’s take a look at how Evernote Food performs on the iPhone.

The whole idea of Evernote Food is to serve not only as food/recipe recording tool, but as an entire food journal for both the casual user and for the consummate food aficionado. To achieve this, the app makes use of four different tools.

Explore Recipes

As its name states, this tool allows users to explore the web and discover all sorts of recipes. Recipes are pulled from some of the most popular cooking websites and you are able to clip them by taping the scissors icon at the top right of the screen.

Evernote Food Search Recipe

Once you clip a recipe, you can tag it and add notes to it before saving it to your Evernote account and become available even offline from within the app from the My Cookbook menu.

Evernote Food Edit Recipe
Evernote Food Recipe Clipped

My Cookbook

This menu shows you all of your available recipes, which you have collected using the app or that are pulled from your Evernote account. The view in this menu is far simpler when compared to the original websites where recipes come from. Think about it as an Instapaper for recipes.

Evernote Food Saved Recipe
Evernote Food Viewing Recipe

Editing options are slim to none, allowing you to just edit your recipes’ names and tags, as well as to delete them.

Evernote Food Edting Recipe


Restaurants is a very convenient tool. It uses your location to help you find nearby restaurants. It uses data from Foursquare to provide you with info so it is pretty extensive and reliable with its results.

Evernote Food Restaurant Results

There are other apps out there that allow you to do this of course, but what makes this option interesting in Evernote Food is how the information you get here integrates with the rest of the app. Find a restaurant that you like and save it. Have a meal in that restaurant and record it for finding the recipe or for sharing it with friends through Facebook or Twitter. All within the app.

Evernote Food Clip Restaurant

My Meals

The My Meals section is where all your food journeys are recorded. From a snack at your favorite restaurant to a simple meal at home. You can take a picture of your meal, add, a place, tag it, add notes and even share it, all from within the same screen.

Evernote Food Add Meal

Final Thoughts on Evernote Food

To be honest, I didn’t expect much from Evernote Food when I started using it. However, I slowly started to appreciate its potential and the convenience it provides. I’m not a food aficionado by any means, so the fact that I can get all these options from an app that is free and from a service that I am already familiar with makes it a very nice addition. Check it out for yourself and let us know how you like it in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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