2 Tips to Make PDFs Much More Readable on Your iPhone

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If you do even

a bit of reading on your iPhone

, then reading PDF files is definitely part of your routine. Sometimes however, PDFs are formatted with really small text and virtually no line spacing, making them almost unreadable on the iPhone’s screen even when in landscape mode and truly impossible to do so when in portrait mode. Like in the images below.

I Phone Reading Landscape
I Phone Reading Portrait

So how to fix this? Well, it turns out there are a couple of simple, but very effective solutions for both Mac and Windows PC users that can help us get a far better experience when reading PDF files on the iPhone.

Let’s take a look at them.


The first one on our list is called Calibre, an application (available from this website) for the Mac and Windows PCs that can convert almost any PDF into formats that can be managed with more ease by the iPhone. For this example we will use the EPUB format, which is universally recognized by most ebook apps, including Apple’s iBooks.


As it happens, we’ve already offered you a very good tutorial on how to convert PDF files using Calibre, so you are already covered on that front. Now, after you finish converting your PDF files, head to Calibre’s main window and right-click on the file you just converted. Select Open containing folder from the options shown and you will be taken to the folder where the resulting file is located.

Note: Here is a rundown on the differences between ebook formats. Check it out!

Calibre Open Containing
Converted Epub

With the EPUB file at hand, it can now easily be imported into iBooks in a variety of ways. In this case I chose to send it to myself via email. Once in your Inbox, just export the file to iBooks using the Share button and it will be ready and waiting to be read in Apple’s ebook app, where your can even customize its font size and other elements for an even better reading experience.

Share I Books
I Books Shelf
Pdf On I Books

Send to Kindle

The kindle platform is one of the most popular for reading ebooks out there, with Kindle ebooks not only available for Amazon’s e-ink devices, but also for all the official Kindle apps that can be found on many platforms, including the iPhone.

If you don’t have an Amazon free account, make sure to register for one on Amazon’s website, since you will need it for this second tip. Additionally, make sure to download the official Kindle app from the App Store onto your iPhone. Once you do, open it and login with your Amazon credentials in order to authorize it.

Done? Then let’s proceed.

From this page on Amazon’s website download the Send to Kindle application to your device or browser of choice. This application makes it very easy to send all kinds of documents to your Kindle-enabled devices. Once installed, open it and click on Options before doing anything else.

Send To Kindle
Send To Kindle Options

Within the option, under Conversion, check the box next to Convert PDF documents to Kindle format and then click on OK.

Convert From Pdf

After you are done with the app’s options, drag your PDF file to its main window, choose the device you want it delivered to and click Send. Send to Kindle will start processing your PDF file and will let you know when it is done.

Sending To Kindle
Sending Confirmation

Open the Kindle app on your iPhone and after a few seconds/minutes you will see the file arrive automatically, where you will be able to tinker with it to make it suit your reading even better just as if it were another Kindle ebook.

Kindle Library
Kindle Book Open
Kindle Reading Options

There your go! Two simple but very effective ways to get those annoying PDF files to play nice with your iPhone. Enjoy your reading!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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