Share Save Files For PSone Classics Between a PS3 and PSP

Share Save Files

We’ve already shown you

how to transfer and install PSP games and PSone Classics

that you downloaded with your PS3. We also told you how, in the case of PSone Classics, these can be played on both the PS3 and on

Sony’s old portable


Well, the great thing about this is that not only can both consoles play PSone Classics, but they can actually share Save files between them, which allows you to continue playing in either of them right where you last saved your progress on the other.

Important Note: A ‘Save file’ is a file with digital information about a gamer’s progress on a video game. In short, it is the file created when you save your game.

Let’s see how to share Save files between your PS3 and your PSP

Creating PS Card Utility

Before sharing Save files between your PlayStation consoles, you first need to create an Internal Memory Card on your PS3. An Internal Memory Card simulates a PSone or PS2 memory slot, enabling you to store Save files for games of both kinds of consoles on your PS3.

Here’s how to create it:

Step 1: Under the Game menu on the XMB scroll to Memory Card Utility and select Create New Internal Memory Card.

Memory Card Utility
Create New Memory Card

Step 2: Choose whether you want to create a PSone or PS2 memory card, then name it and select OK.

Choose Ps1 Or Ps2
Name Card

Step 3: Now you need to assign a slot to the memory card in order for it to work. Do so by pressing the Triangle button while selecting your memory card. From the options shown, choose Assign Slots and select the slot you want to assign to the newly created memory card.

New Memory Card
New Memory Card Assign Slot

Important Note: Make sure you assign this memory card the same slot in which you are storing your saves in your PSP. By default, it is Slot 1.

Sharing Save Files from Your PSP to Your PS3

Now that you have your virtual memory slot on your PS3, let’s see how to transfer a PSone Classic Save file from your PSP to your PS3.

Step 4: Save your game on your PSP when playing a PSone Classic. You can see your Save file on the Game menu of your PSP, under Saved Data Utility.

Psp Game Saved
Psp Saved Data Utility
Psp Save File

Step 5: Plug your PSP to your PS3 and put your portable into USB Mode by heading to Settings and selecting USB Connection.

Psp Settings1
Psp Usb Mode1

Step 6: On your PS3’s XMB, go to Game and select Memory Card Utility. There find your PSP and select it. Once you do, browse across all the existing memory slots of your games until you find the one of the PSone Classic you want to copy.

Psp On Ps3
Psp Slot On Ps3

Step 7: Open the memory slot, choose your Save file and reveal its options. From them, choose copy and select the virtual memory card that you created on your PS3 as its destination.

Psp On Ps3 Save File
Psp On Ps3 Save File Copy
Ps3 Choose Destination

Your PSP Save file is now copied to your PS3 and you will now be able to resume your PSone Classic on your home console.

Ps3 File Copied

Sharing Save Files from Your PS3 to Your PSP

Before copying a PSone Classic Save file from your PS3 to your PSP, you have to create a memory slot on your portable, since it is also needed as it is on the PS3. This process is far simpler though. To create this memory slot, simply start the PSone Classic game on your PSP. You don’t even need to play it, since just starting the game will create this slot.

Step 8: Play your PSone Classic on your PS3. Save your game and exit back to your PS3’s home screen. Plug your PSP to your PS3 via a USB cable and put it into USB Mode as shown in Step 5 above.

Psone Classic On Ps3

Step 9: From the Game menu on your PS3, go to Memory Card Utility, find the memory card that you assigned a memory slot to and open it. Inside you will find your PSone Classic Save file.

Ps3 Memory Card Utility
Ps3 Memory Slot

Step 10: Choose your Save file and press the Triangle button to access its options. Select Copy and choose your PSP from the available destinations. Choose YES and then select the memory card for the game you want to store the Save file of.

Ps3 Save File Copy
Psp Destination
Psp Memory Card Destination

The copying process will start and you will now have your PS3 Save file on your PSP, where you can start your PSone Classic right where you left it on your home console.

Ps3 Save File Copied
Ps3 Save On Psp

And that’s it for now! Enjoy playing your PSone Classics on both your PSP and your PS3 without ever losing your progress.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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