Top 3 PDF Readers for Android Depending on Your Usage

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There are many PDF readers available for Android to choose from. While searching for a reader, most users always look for the

best PDF readers

with the biggest list of features associated with them. But as all that glitters is not gold, it’s always better to

look for a PDF reader which suits your needs

. Even though they might have just a handful of features, they may be able accomplish that one task you perform every day quite well.

Today we will see the top three PDF readers for Android depending upon usage, meaning different sets of tasks that users are likely to use it for and accordingly the right PDF reader for the purpose.

1. Documentation and Note Taking

If you have to read PDF documents on a large screen Android smartphone or a tablet, Adobe PDF reader can be the best reader to suit your needs. When you launch the app, it automatically scans and list all the PDF files that are there on your device. The app also supports Folder View if you would like to add files from specific path rather than scanning for them on the entire device.

The PDF reader works on all types of PDFs including password protected and digitally verified files. The tool processes the document in real-time instead of loading it entirely in the memory. Therefore you might notice some blurred text when you zoom in and out before the reader renders the images and text.

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Adobe reader is best suited for users who love to take notes while reading documents. You can draw callouts and doodles on the the document to take a note. You can even change the opacity of these elements. Adding text and strike-through existing text is allowed and all the changes are saved as separate author of the document for future referencing. You can also share your edited PDF file through other supported sharing apps that are installed.

2. eBook and other Text Based Reading

If you love to read PDF based eBooks on your device but the continuous zoom in, zoom out and scrolling left and right to fit the text on the screen is holding you back, you will love BeamReader PDF Viewer (UPDATE: This tool is not available anymore). The PDF reader is meant for people who love to read novels and other books on their device.

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The first feature of the app is Text wrap view. In this view, the app removes all the images from the document to concentrate on the text. It is wrapped to fit your screen automatically no matter what level of zoom you are using. Press the menu button while reading the book and touch Text View to activate text wrapping. The second feature bookworms will love is bookmarking. The app lets you bookmark your books to continue easily from where you left off.

3. Continuous and Heavy Reading

If you are a heavy reader and your eyes along with your device battery is your main concern then the PDF Reader from Ivan Ivanenko can provide you a promising solution. The PDF reader supports Night mode reading which inverts the colors of your PDF. So if your PDF document is on white base with black text, it will be inverted to black base with white text.

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Pdf Readers For Android 6

You can activate the feature to save battery and reduce the strain on your eyes while reading the documents at night.

Cool tip: You can activate night mode on your stock Android browsers as well. Have a look at how it can be done.

Those were some of the main features of each PDF reader app based upon the specific needs of the user. There will be a lot more for you to explore in each of the above apps once you choose one. If you want to contribute to the list, just drop a comment.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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