How to Upload New Facebook Profile Pic From Android & iPhone

The Facebook app for Android and iOS has evolved considerably in the last few months. In the last update both got an overall user interface design while the one before allowed users to upload photos to specific albums instead of just uploading it on the wall.

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One thing that’s still missing is the feature to upload a new profile photo directly from the app. Of course we can select a profile photo from the existing photos that are already in an album, but I wanted to directly upload the photo to the profile album and then apply it as a new display profile pic. Here’s one of the ways you can do that.

Note: Currently there is no direct way to upload photos in the Profile photo album using the apps and this is just one of the many workarounds that’s possible. If you are looking for a way to upload a new photo you just captured on your phone, it can’t be done more smoothly than the method below.

Setting New Facebook Profile Photo from Android and iOS

Step 1: As we cannot upload the photos directly to Profile Photo album, we will be uploading it to our Facebook wall but hiding it from everyone else.

To do that, open the Facebook app on your smartphone and tap the Photo button. Select the image you wish to apply as your next profile pic and click on the compose update button. One thing to make sure of here is that you should restrict the post visibility to Only Me. You wouldn’t want to show your friends what you are up to.

Facebook Profile Pic From Smartphone 5
Facebook Profile Pic From Smartphone 4

Step 2: Don’t worry about cropping the photo, that will be taken care of when you select it as a profile pic. After the photo has been uploaded successfully, open your Facebook timeline in the app and tap on the photo you just uploaded to open the full screen preview. Android users should now press the Menu button on their devices while iPhone and iPod users should long tap on the photo to open the menu.

Facebook Profile Pic From Smartphone 3

Step 3: Now select the option Make Profile Picture and crop the photo. Android users make sure you keep the selection area as square, it’s important!

Facebook Profile Pic 1
Facebook Profile Pic 3

Step 4: Finally save the photo as your profile pic. It will be cropped and uploaded to your Profile Photo album and applied as your profile photo instantly.

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Step 5: Don’t forget to delete the photo you uploaded on your wall. You can either delete it directly from the app or wait till you log in from a computer. Your friends are not going to notice it anyway.

Cool Tip: While researching for the article I found an amazing Android app called MyAlbum For Facebook using which you can download your Facebook albums to your phone. It’s worth having a look at. Not only that, it eases photo uploads to a new album when compared to the official Facebook app.


So that was how you can set a new profile pic using the Facebook app for Android and iOS. After reading the article you might think the trick is obvious, but most of us miss out on this. If you know of a better way to upload a new photo the profile photo, please share in the comments.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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