How to Download and Change PS3 Wallpaper Without a Computer

Ps3 Change WallpaperCustomizing your PS3’s home screen appearance is definitely one of the best things about the system, allowing you to truly express your taste and personality with it. However, even for a simple a task as changing the PS3’s wallpaper, we tend to rely on our computers when in fact our PS3s are perfectly capable of performing this task. All that is needed is an internet connection.

Let’s go ahead and try it out:

Step 1: On your PS3’s XMB, head to the Network main menu and scroll down until you reach the Internet Search option. Once you reach it, select it.

Ps3 Search

Important Note: It is far easier to use the Search option right away instead of the Web Browser, since sometimes the Sony Playstation home page will not render well and will leave you stuck in the browser until you change some of the browser’s settings.

Step 2: Once you open Internet Search, perform a simple search query for “PS3 Wallpapers” using the on-screen keyboard of your PS3. Once you are done, press the Start button to start your search.

Ps3 Search Term

Cool Tip: If you would like to change the keyboard style to make it like a phone’s simply select the Dial pad icon located under the Backspace key

Step 3: A few moments after you hit the Start button, your search results will show up on the screen. Feel free to choose any website since most of them have a vast selection of great PS3 wallpapers for you to try.

Ps3 Search Results

Step 4: Once the website opens, feel free to navigate through it until you find a wallpaper you like for your PS3. When you do, click on it until it displays in full size. Even if it doesn’t fit the reduced size of the browser, it should be ok.

Ps3 Choose Wp

Ps3 Wp Expanded

Step 5: Here’s the tricky part: The PS3 browser behaves in a very similar way to a computer browser. In that regard then, it makes it impossible to make the image you choose your wallpaper right from it. Instead, you first need to download it to your PS3’s hard drive.

To download it, first position the pointer on the image and then press the Triangle button. Several browser menus and options will appear on screen. Navigate through them and select File. Once you do, choose Save Image from the available secondary options.

Ps3 Save Image

Step 6: You will then be presented with the option to choose where you want to save your wallpaper. Select System Storage (Photo). Once the download is completed, exit the browser by pressing the Circle button until you are back to your PS3’s home screen.

Ps3 Choose Save

Step 7: On your PS3’s XMB, navigate to Photo. Scroll down until you find the image that you downloaded from the web and open it.

Ps3 Image Ready

Step 8: Once you do, press the Triangle button to display the on-screen options. Select Set as Wallpaper from them and adjust the image until it fits your screen the way you like.

Ps3 Image Home

Ps3 Image Options

Ps3 Image Adjust

Your PS3 is now set and ready..

Ps3 Wallpaper Ready

You are done! Now you have a brand new, shiny PS3 wallpaper and all right from your PS3 without need of a computer. Enjoy!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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