Squarespace Note: Unique iOS App to Quickly Send Notes

Squarespace Note

Note-taking apps on the App Store are as varied as they are abundant, yet it is not easy to find one that is both original and useful. This is exactly what Squarespace Note is though. An app developed by the popular

blogging and portfolio hosting service

that allows you to send notes on the fly to many of the most popular online services with just one swipe, turning it from a simple notes app into an app with tremendous potential.

Let’s take a look at how to use it and how to take advantage of everything that the app has to offer.

A Different Notes App

One of the standout features of Squarespace Note is its minimal design, which is instantly obvious from the moment you open the app. Once you do, another important feature of Squarespace Note becomes evident: Its intent to get completely out of the way and let you just work with it. In fact, upon opening the app you are instantly welcomed with a blank sheet and the software keyboard for you to start composing your notes right away.

Squarespace Note Main
Squarespace Note Write

This focus on simplicity is also evident in the almost complete absence of buttons in Squarespace Note. At least when it comes to navigation, Squarespace Note relies entirely on gestures. A swipe from left to right on the composing screen will take you your notes archive, where you can see all the notes you’ve written in the past. If from the same screen you swipe from right to left though, you are taken to the services panel.

Squarespace Note Services

Using Squarespace Note

This services panel is what makes Squarespace Note unique. It is on this screen where you are able to sign into the services that Squarespace Note offers a connection to. Some of them are Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook, Evernote and Squarespace’s own hosting service (although you will need a Squarespace account for that, which costs at least $8 a month). Additionally, you can also email your notes to any preferred email address you want. And, if you have the apps for the services mentioned above installed on your iPhone, Squarespace Note allows you to link them to it with a simple and fun gesture. See below.

Squarespace Note Dropbox
Squarespace Note Twitter

Once linked and enabled, you can edit the preferences for each of the services offered or completely delete from the list the ones you don’t plant to use by pulling down the screen. Within the preferences for each service, you can also choose if you want to attach your location data to each note and other settings that are unique to each service. For this example, we will enable Dropbox first and Twitter later on.

Squarespace Note Edit
Squarespace Note Dropbox Settings

Once done, you are ready to start sending notes. So just go to the compose screen, type something, slide the note upwards and it will be instantly sent to the service you choose.

Squarespace Note Writing
Squarespace Note Release To Send
Squarespace Note Sent
Squarespace Note Dropbox Notification2

The service you link to first will be the one enabled as the default destination for your notes. But let’s say you want to send a note to Dropbox, post to Twitter, Facebook and other services at the same time. To do it once, before or while typing your note, go to the services panel and tap on the additional service that you want to send your note to.

Squarespace Note More Services

If you want to enable more than one service permanently from then onwards, then head to the settings screen of that particular service and turn ON the Default toggle.

Dropbox Settings1
Twitter Settings

Now, every time you send a note it will be delivered/posted to all the services you chose.

Squarespace Note Tweet
Twitter Receiving

Squarespace Note: Half Notes App, Half Brainstorming Tool

As you can see, Squarespace Note is not your typical notes app. In fact, I think it could more aptly be described as a thought-sharing app, since it helps you record and organize all those quick thoughts and ideas that oftentimes you forget. But the app truly shines in something that I think it never intended to: As a social tool that let’s you quickly and effortlessly share your thoughts.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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