How To Queue Songs Without Making a Playlist on iPhone

Queue Your Songs

As capable as the native Music player app for the iPhone and other iOS devices is, it still has its limitations that even several iterations haven’t been able to fix. One of the most glaring ones is the complete absence of a way to queue songs on the go. There are a few known apps that do this of course, but they are paid applications.

Some iPhone owners use the method of creating a one-song playlist, play the song and then add and arrange more songs to the playlist on the fly.

This method works well of course, but it is not “natural”, so what I did is search the App Store for somewhat unknown and less popular apps that do exactly this, and that do it for free.

Let’s take a look at the two best free apps I found to queue up your songs while you listen to them.

Queue The Music

The first free app of the two on our list is Queue The Music (Universal). This app is as simple as it gets. Right from the start you are shown a screen where you can either search or browse your songs.

Queue The Music Search
Queue The Music Browse

Once you have chosen your songs, just tap on Done and your songs will be ready to start playing. Once you start playing any song, tapping the Edit Queue button at any time will allow you to add more songs or completely rearrange the order of the current ones.

Queue The Music Ready


Updated: A few days after writing this article, Music+ was updated and is now named Lagu. The app has also presented some performance issues after a few days. For example, playback does not continue after exiting the app and some song will simply not produce any sound at all. All of these makes Queue the Music definitely the best app of these two.

Of the two apps we are looking at today, there is no doubt that Music+ (iPhone, iPod Touch) is the best one both in looks and functionality.

Opening the app presents you with a screen that almost entirely resembles the native Music app, except that you will clearly see a unique Queue option at the bottom left of the screen. Tapping on it will show you your current queue.

Music Main Screen

To add songs to your queue, simply tap on Songs, Albums or Artists. Once you find the song or songs you would like to add to your queue, slide them from left to right and they will show a number to their left indicating the order that they will take on your queue. However, the app will only allow you to queue up to 5 songs, requiring you to upgrade it (for $1.99) to unlock its full functionality.

Music Adding Songs 1
Music Adding Songs 2

Once your queue has been created and a song is playing, tapping on Queue will give you access to it and you will be able to Save it with any name you want or to simply add or rearrange more songs to it on the fly.

Music Editing 1
Music Editing 2

Note: In addition to that, Music+ also sports a series of additional features that most will definitely love, like social integration with Facebook and Twitter and, most importantly, a lyric finder that allows you to pull lyrics from some of the largest lyrics databases on the web.

There you go. These apps might not feel like fleshed out music players, but they definitely get the job done and fill a gap that the native iOS Music app fails to cover. The best part of all, both are free (at least in their basic versions) so download them and try them out.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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