Save Space on iOS Device By Streaming Music to it From iTunes

Stream Music To I Phone

If you have an iOS device and listen to a lot of music (almost each and everyone of iOS users, right?), then how would you like to save a little space on your iOS device memory by streaming some music from your iTunes Library to it?

There are services like Apple’s own iTunes Match that uses iCloud to store your music on the cloud and from where you can stream it to your devices. We also have several dedicated music streaming services like Pandora. But while they might be good and very convenient, they are also paid ones.

With Apple’s Home Sharing however, as limited in range as it might be, you are able to stream music from your Mac or PC to your iOS devices and other computers in your home seamlessly.

Also, by enabling this feature, you can choose which of your songs you want to hear only while at home and then sync just the rest of your music to your iOS device, which will of course save you a nice bit of space on your iOS device’s internal memory.

Cool Tip: Did you know you could use your iPhone/iPod touch /iPad as a remote and control the music on your computer wirelessly? Click through the link to find out. Comes in handy when you’re throwing a party at home, and other such situations.

Follow these three steps to enable Home Sharing on your home Macs and iOS devices.

Set Up Home Sharing In iTunes On Your Mac or PC

Step 1: Open iTunes on your Mac and go to Preferences > Sharing.

I Tunes Preferences

Step 2: There, click on Share my library on my local network, choose to share either you entire library or selected items from it, create a password if you want and click on OK.

I Tunes Sharing

Important Note: You must be singed into your iTunes account for Home Sharing to work.

Set Up Home Sharing In iTunes On Your iOS Device

Step 3: On your iPhone or other iOS device go to Settings > Music or to Settings > Video and under Home Sharing enter your Apple ID, which has to be the same that the one you are using on iTunes on your computer.

I Phone Music Settings
I Phone Apple Id
I Phone Already Signed

Streaming Music to Your iOS Device Using Home Sharing

You are all set up, so now it is time to play some content on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Step 4: On your iOS device open either the Music or the Video app, then tap on More at the bottom right corner of the screen and choose Shared.

I Phone Shared

Step 5: There you should have both your iPhone’s local library and your new iTunes Library which you just shared. Tap on that last one. After a bit of processing, your iPhone or iOS device will be updated to display all your iTunes Library just as if it were its own. Tap on any song or playlist and it will start playing without problems streaming right from your computer.

I Phone Shared Library
I Phone Sharing

Note: As its name implies, Home Sharing works only with your home network and not through the Internet.

There you go. Now you can share all your music from your computer to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch while at home fast, free and wirelessly!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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