Find Phone Numbers of Contacts in Email & Sync to All Devices

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Here’s a pretty normal scenario – an email client on the desktop, maybe one in the cloud, and a few smartphones on hand. Managing and syncing contacts across all these devices could be a cause for repetitive stress disorder at the worst of times.

But efficiency demands that you do sync them, and keep them updated. Earlier we have looked at multiple ways to move contact information between email clients, backup your iPhone contacts, and even move contacts between two mobile operating systems.

Today, we will try to save ourselves a bit of labor again by automatically extracting phone numbers from our emails and syncing them to all our devices. So, say hello to our new friend on the web – Morse.

Morse – Stop Managing Your Contacts (beta) is a web application that connects to your Gmail account and ‘mines’ all the emails in your inbox to find all phone numbers which your contacts might have included in their emails or email signatures. Morse merges this information with the Gmail address book and then syncs it to all devices which use this specific Gmail account.


The Benefit of Morse and Email Mining

If you have ever dived into the Gmail inbox in search of a phone number, and spent a better part of ten minutes foraging for it, you will get the time saving benefit of Morse. Even if you are the fastidious kind and like to save every phone number to your address book and keep it updated – manually.

Morse is free for now, and hopefully will remain so for individuals. It is only geared for Gmail accounts, but I guess that should cover half the planet at least. So, let’s see how well Morse digs into the inbox.

With Google and Let the Email Scanner Loose

Sign-in with your Google account and authorize Morse to view and manage your email. Morse automatically starts scanning your inbox and sends you a notification email along with this information on its own page. Morse will again notify you once the first scan is complete. An instruction to integrate Morse with your smartphones and any device that uses Gmail contacts is also included.


Morse mines the inbox and extracts phone numbers and counter-checks them with the existing contacts to see if the contact already exists. If the contact exists, numbers are updated, and if not, a new contact is created with the email address and phone number. If you have set up any device with Morse, the contact information also automatically syncs to a user’s phone, tablet, or any other device.

The first indexing takes a bit of time.  But, according to Morse, you don’t have to run the application time and again…it is automatic. Plus, it does not bother you with unneeded notifications. Morse stresses that it does not store any information like emails and passwords. It only looks for phone numbers to sync, and keeps this data private. You can always revoke access to Morse from your account’s dashboard any time you see fit.

Do you use a contact manager much like Morse? Granted, the beta application is only about phone numbers right now, but where would you place it against something like Rapportive or Xobni?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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