3 Very Cool Song (or Music) Quiz Websites

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We all like to listen to


and we always find ways to do so in unique ways.

Creating your own music

is a different matter altogether. Sandwiched between the two is your own penchant for identifying good music. So, you have to ask yourself one simple question – do you have an ear for music?

If you are an aspiring disc jockey (believe me, it pays a lot these days), it is the most important qualification. So, clean your ears, and test it out with a few song quizzes. Yes, these are music quiz websites which you can perhaps use with your eyes ‘closed’.

Music Quiz World

Music Quiz

Music Quiz World is a pop-music website that takes you through the 60s to the present age. But the music quizzes are not only arranged according to the age, but also bands, artists, lyrics, and a few themed quizzes. For instance, in a lyrics quiz, you might have to enter the next line and name of the song.

The novelty quizzes will ask you to straighten out an anagram and reveal the name of a well-known band or artist. The latest Poptastic Lyrics Challenge is fun. Click the start button and generate your ten random questions to answer.

Music Quiz World is pretty much textual, and that is the only disappointing bit about it, if you wanted to play it by your ear. But to crack it, you will need some serious knowledge.


Music Quiz02

Watzatsong is where you ear dominates. The neat song quiz site gives you audio samples to listen to and answer. You basically have to name the song and the artist. There are nearly 6000 pages of audio samples to go through, so that’s a lot of ear melody if you are so inclined. All the audio samples are generated by users, and you also can contribute your own samples. In a reverse way, Watzatsong could also help you identify the name of a song and the artist if you yourself are unable to do so.

Music Pop Quiz

Music Quiz03

Music Pop Quiz is the third name on this short list, and from all appearances it is the best designed one…though not wow-inducing in any sense. It just works. Select your genre of music, listen to a sound clip and guess the answer within the allotted time. You also get to identify pictures for a song, an artist or an album and get it right in 30 seconds or less. Questions are random, so every time you play, there’s a chance you will get a different set of questions.

They also get more difficult and obscure as you advance forward. It’s not a cakewalk to the leaderboard.

So, just spout ‘Play it again, Sam’ and turn your best ear to the songs on these music quiz sites. Which one is your pick? Are there any more of music quiz sites out there? We would love to listen to them…literally.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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