How to Cut and Split Videos on Android (Extract Audio too)


Few days back I discussed about an app for Android using which one could

reduce the overall size and quality of a video

to be able to

send it via WhatsApp

. Now the thing is, compressing the video to 12 MB keeping in mind that it’s worth watching works on videos which – at the max – are 5 to 6 minutes in length. But for longer videos, this isn’t going to be the perfect solution.

Splitting the video in parts and then sending it as different messages sounds good, but there are no dedicated apps available for the task. There are some apps using which we can cut our videos and then save it as a new video on the SD card. We will have to manually trim the videos and split them into smaller sizes but if you want to send the video via WhatsApp, I am afraid that’s the only way left.

So let’s see how we can trim videos on Android using a simple tool called AndroVid Video Trimmer. The tool does not compress the video quality and only trims it so that means you might have to compress the original video using the previous method.

AndroVid Video Trimmer

After installing the app launch it and wait for it to load all the videos you have on your SD card along with their thumbnails. It might take a few minutes depending upon the number of videos you have on your device. Tap to select the one you would like to edit and start the process.

You have two options now. If you are sure that splitting the video in two parts will solve the problem you can directly split the video. If not, you will have to trim or cut the video manually. Trimming also helps when you want to extract a portion of the video and even convert it to MP3 audio.

Android Video Trimmer 3

Once you are in the splitting mode, all you need to do is keep the marker on the video timeline at the position you would like to cut the video from and tap on the scissors icon on the top-right corner. The tool will process the video and split it into two parts. After processing the video, the tool will ask you if you would like to replace the original or save them as a new video. After making the selection, your video will be saved in the same name with the numbers 1 and 2 suffixed. You can repeat the process to split the video even further.

Android Video Trimmer 5

In trimming, instead of selecting just one cut-point to split the video, you will have to select two points: start and end point. Having selected that, you can simply tap Cut video icon on the top-right corner and process the video. Just like in splitting, you can select whether you would like to replace the original video or you would like to create new ones.

Cool Tip: Select the option Cut MP3 here if you would just like to extract the audio of the selected video.

An Alternative

Android Video Trimmer 4

VidTrim is another great tool for Android you can try to trim videos. The app is only meant for trimming videos provided the start and end point and lacks advanced options like splitting and audio extraction. You can try out the app if the aforementioned app is giving you force close errors.


So that was how you split and cut or trim videos on your Android phone, and extract the audio as MP3 too. With this trick, along with the video compressing one we saw earlier, I don’t think you will ever have difficulty in fitting your phone videos in the uncanny 12 MB limit of WhatsApp or any other tool.

Top Image Credits: greggoconnell

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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