10 Quick Ways to Access Chrome Settings to Work Faster

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You’ll probably agree that there is nothing better than

keyboard shortcuts

to help you work quickly and efficiently with any application or tool. And when the tool is a browser, shortcuts work really great in

managing and working with tabs

. Not just that, there are more when it comes to browser settings and page shortcuts, right?

Today we are going to talk about Google Chrome and will discuss the chrome:// URLs or about pages. They are very much like keyboard shortcuts and can be used to get to certain Chrome pages (secret pages, as some people call them) without browsing the UI in search of respective tools.

Each URL that we will discuss is associated with a different Chrome page. And you must use the address bar to type these URLs and then hit Enter to bring up the linked pages.

Cool Tip: You can use the Ctrl +L keyboard shortcut to reach the address bar. So, the intent is that the pages that we are going to discuss can be reached without touching the mouse.

1. Chrome Settings Page

The settings page would contain basic browser settings that you have configured to work with. A quick way to reach that is to use the URL chrome://settings.

Chrome Settings

2. Chrome Bookmarks Manager

If you know, Ctrl + Shift + O opens the bookmarks manager (that’s where you manage all bookmark activities) on Chrome. Next time you can try out chrome://bookmarks.

Chrome Bookmarks

The number that is appended to the URL denotes the bookmark page number. So, if you have a lot of bookmarks spread over a number of pages then you can use a number to jump pages easily.

3. Chrome Downloads Page

Sometimes we start downloading things and forget to track them. Also there are occasions when we do not remember the download location of an item. chrome://downloads gives you an easy solution to track and manage the downloads.

Chrome Downloads

4. Chrome Browser History

We all know the importance of browser history. It helps us simplify our internet searches and also helps us in reaching a previous location, right?

Chrome History E1354205667791

What can be better than looking through the history by simply doing a chrome://history.

5. Chrome Extension Page

There are many extensions that we use only on certain websites and would want to keep them disabled on others. Now, if you have not defined any domain specific settings then you can bring up the extensions page by using chrome://extensions.

Chrome Extensions

6. Chrome Plug-ins

Plug-ins are different from extensions. For instance, flash player is a plug-in. Ever tried to find out what are the plug-ins installed on your browser? Now, know them with chrome://plugins.

Chrome Plugins

7. Chrome Memory Inspection

At times the browser can get really slow. Rather than predicting things it is always better to check and inspect the usage of memory by different elements of the browser. The URL to be used is chrome://memory.

Chrome Memory

8. Chrome Flags

We have talked about Firefox about:config preferences as a secret tool to play with the browser. Under chrome://flags you can find many unknown and experimental features. Some in the list are really interesting.

Chrome Flags

9. Chrome Omnibox Options

We have known the omnibox as a super functional address bar. That’s right, but if you navigate to chrome://omnibox you will learn that you can perform detailed analysis on your search results without much effort.

Chrome Omnibox

10. Chrome URLs

Are you wondering where did I find all these URL’s? Navigate to chrome://chrome-urls and you will be able to access the entire list. There are many more than what we have discussed.


These links are definitely a quick way to reach certain pages that we need to on the browser each day. I hope they will be helpful to you. Let us know if you got any other Chrome tricks up your sleeve.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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