3 Tips for Using Mail Like a Pro

Mail Pro Tips

Personally, email is something I simply can’t live without. In fact I check my email several dozens of times a day, so learning about any tip, trick or shortcut that can get me through it faster or make the overall experience better is definitely helpful.

Of course, that is precisely what we have for you here today. We’ve already covered the basics of the Mail app. Today we have three Mail tips to help you better manage your email and make it look and feel more professional and pleasant to use.

Using Quote Level

Using quote level on email clients became particularly popular with group emails, allowing group members to determine how many times an email had been sent by differentiating it through the color and indentation of the text. This nice feature has also been available on the iOS native Mail app since quite recently, although not many people know about it due to it being somewhat hidden.

To quote text on an email, open the Compose screen, write any piece of text and then tap and hold on it until some options appear.

Mail Options

Tap the right arrow from those options two times until you see the words Quote Level. Tap on it and you will be given the choice of either Increasing or Decreasing the quote level of your selected text.

Mail Quote Level
Mail Quote Level Increase
Mail Quote Level Done

Create Multiple Email Signatures

If you have more than one email account, it would definitely be a good idea to be able to differentiate one from the other when sending your emails. After all, you don’t want every outgoing email from all your account signed by the popular but tired “Sent from my iPhone” default signature right?

To create a different email signature per account, on your Home screen open Settings and then tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Mail Settings

Once there, scroll down and tap on Signature. On the next screen you will be given the choice of having one signature for all your accounts or one for each of them. Tap on Per Account and then tap on the signature you want to change in order to edit it.

Mail Signature
Mail Account Signatures

Set VIP Lists on iOS Mail

We all have contacts that are more important for us than the rest. Your family, your boss, your most important client, your childhood friend, you name it. With VIP lists, Apple has made it easy to keep these people in a special email list that can have its own notification settings, so you know when someone special has emailed you.

To add someone to your VIP list, open an email sent by that contact and then tap on his/her name on the Sender field.

Mail Contact

Once the contact information is displayed, tap on the Add to VIP field at the bottom of the screen. You will see that now that contact’s email sports a star mark to its right.

Contact Card Vip
Mail Contact Vipd

Now, to adjust your notification settings for your particular VIP list, go to Settings, and then tap on Notifications. Once there, scroll down and tap on Mail.

Mail Notifications

On the next screen tap on VIP at the bottom to edit that list’s notification settings, ranging from the Alert Style to the New Mail Sound options.

Mail Vip
Mail Notification Settings

And we are finished. Now you know how to better take advantage of everything that the native Mail app for iOS has to offer. Use these tips and enjoy a pro email experience!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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