Using Find My iPhone to Locate, Lock/Wipe iOS Device Remotely

Find My I Phone

Losing an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can be one of the most stressing and even dangerous things that can happen to any iOS device owner.

Just the monetary value of these devices should be enough cause of concern if this were to happen to any of us, but if we also consider the sheer amount of personal, sensitive information that an iPhone or iPad (or any other smartphone or tablet for that matter) carries, then in most cases they will be considered priceless by their owners.

This is only natural of course, since the average person uses his/her smartphone and tablet for:

  • Accessing every social networking website they have a profile on
  • Checking their email
  • Storing passwords
  • Storing credit card numbers
  • Keeping important notes and records
  • Managing their contacts list

So what happens if you lose your iPhone or other iOS device? Or even worse, if it gets stolen?

Thankfully, Apple created Find My iPhone, which is a great tool scenarios like these. Find My iPhone allows you to track, lock, send a text message to your iPhone and even to wipe out all of its important data remotely.

Find My iPhone works on both iOS devices and through the web, so if you lose your iOS device you can track it right through your browser on your Mac or Windows PC.

Let’s take a look at how to use Find My iPhone both from your computer and your iOS device.

From Your iOS Device

Step 1: As we’ve written before when showing you how to set up your iPhone, Find My iPhone can be enabled since the initial setup of your iOS device. In case you haven’t enabled it yet, do it by heading to Settings > iCloud and toggling Find My iPhone ON

Find My I Phone On

Step 2: If you haven’t done so yet, download Find My iPhone for your iOS device. Once you do, open the app and log in with your iCloud ID.

Find My I Phone Log In

Step 3: Open Find My iPhone and after a few moments a list of your located devices will show up.

Find My I Phone Devices

Step 4: Choose a device to see its location and/or to select the action you want to perform. You can choose from:

  • Play Sound
  • Remote wipe your device.
  • Remote lock your device.
Find My I Phone Info

Once you choose your action, your device will be locked/wiped remotely. If you choose to play a sound, it will start playing right away, making it easy to locate your device.

Important Note: For any given device, you can choose to either lock it OR wipe it remotely. Once your iPhone has been locked, you will not be able to wipe it remotely and vice versa.

From Your Mac or Windows PC

Step 5: On your Mac or Windows PC open your web browser, go to and log in with your credentials.

I Cloud Web Login

Step 6: Click on Find My iPhone from the available icons. You will then see a list of your located devices.

I Cloud Web Find My I Phone
I Cloud Web Devices

Step 7: Pick any of your devices and choose the action you want to perform on it.

I Cloud Web Actions

Your are done!

Now you know how to keep track of your iOS devices and to act remotely to either lock it, erase it and more.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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