The Complete Guide to Firefox Web Page and Font Zoom

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A website gets known not only by the content it hosts but also by its


and the color/theme. The fact is that an interface should be self-adjustable with all sorts of devices and should look

visually appealing

to people. However, despite all the efforts put in by the developers, there could be a chance where the default visibility isn’t comfortable for you.

The quickest and best way to adjust things in such scenarios is to use a browser’s zoom controls to match your own requirement. Indeed, zooming of web pages and the textual content in them is supported by all modern browsers. And, today we will discuss about Firefox and check out various ways to practice the zoom in and zoom out activities.

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Keyboard Controls

If you can master the keyboard shortcuts (not just for Firefox but for any application) you can get really efficient with whatever you do. For Firefox the controls are as follows:-

  • Use Ctrl and + to zoom in a webpage.
  • Use Ctrl and – to zoom out a webpage.
  • Use Ctrl and 0 to bring it back to normal/default.

Mouse Controls

Most people prefer using the mouse more than the keyboard. So, if your mouse has a scroll wheel you can hold Ctrl and scroll up to zoom in or scroll down to zoom out.

Menu Bar Controls

You can also quickly reach the zoom in and zoom out buttons from the Firefox menu bar. If it is not activated, press Alt to shown it up temporarily. Then, navigate to View -> Zoom and choose the desired action.

Firefox Zoom Menu

Here, you can switch to Zoom Text Only action in order to restrain the zooming responses to apply to text only.

Toolbar Controls

You can have buttons on the toolbar (right next to the address bar) in order to control the zooming actions. Here’s how to put that in place.

Step 1: Right-click on an empty space on the Firefox toolbar and click to Customize it.

Firefox Customize Toolbar

Step 2: The Customize Toolbar window will open. Scroll to look for the Zoom Controls toolbar item and drag and drop it onto the toolbar (wherever you desire).

Drag Zoom Controls

Step 3: Click on Done to exit. You will be able to see and control zoom in and zoom out by using the + and buttons respectively.

Toolbar Zoom Controls

Set Minimum Text/Font Size

You can define a minimum for text/font size so that Firefox automatically increases the font for websites that have content written in size lower than what you have defined. Follow these steps to set it up.

Step 1: Navigate to Firefox (top left orange button) -> Options -> Options. That will open the Preferences window.

Firefox Options

Step 2: Switch to the Content panel and click on Advanced button under Fonts & Colours section.

Firefox Advanced Contents

Step 3: On the Fonts window, change the minimum font size to whatever value you like.

Minimum Font Size


Zooming can be used to visually enhance the content you are browsing. And looking at the options on Firefox, I feel it has controls that support all types of users. You can master the one you are comfortable with.

Let us know if you know of more ways that we haven’t covered.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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