The Complete Guide to Using the Windows 8 Store

Windows Store

You might already know about

Windows 8 modern apps

(formerly known as Metro) and that they can only be installed using Windows 8 Store. If you are a Windows Pro user, you can still

download and install desktop apps

from any legit source however things are restricted to just store and modern apps for a Windows RT user.

Concept of store in Windows 8 is something very new to Microsoft users and many users are having difficulty in getting along. Therefore today we will guide you through some basics of using the Windows 8 Store . Let’s get started!

Searching and Installing Apps

To begin, let’s take up the very basic stuff and that is installing apps from the Store. To install an app launch the Windows 8 Store from Start Screen and allow it to initialize. After the app initializes, you can browse through different categories and look for the apps you would like to install. When you spot an app worth installing, click on it to open its description page.


The app description page contains some basic info about the app like its size, content rating along with some screenshots. Here, click the install button to begin the installation. The installation will start in the background and you will be notified once it’s installed.

App Details

After the app is installed it will be pinned to the Start Screen from where it can be launched. To search an app, you can use the global Window 8 search which we have covered in detail here.

Updating Apps

Whenever an app gets an update, a counter is displayed on the Store icon in the Start Screen. This counter represents the number of apps that require an update. To update the apps on your device launch the Windows 8 Store and click on the update notification that’s displayed on the top-right corner of the screen.

App Updates

Windows 8 Store will list all the apps that require an update and you can simply select all of them and click on the update button. All the selected apps will be added to the update queue and processed one after another.

Apps Updating

Installing Apps that are Installed on Other Devices

I am not sure if you are aware of the fact but you can configure up to five devices using a single Microsoft account. So that means that you can download and install the apps that are installed on one device (including the paid ones) on all the other devices configured using the same account.

Your Apps

To view and install the app from another device, press the Windows+Z hotkey and click on the Your Apps button. Here select the device you would like to list the apps from and install them one by one. You can install the apps you have purchased to another device without paying anything extra.

Apps Installed On Other Pcs

Buying Premium Apps

There are just a few good things that are available for free, for everything else there’s a Master Card… or even a VISA. So if you want to purchase a paid app, you will have to provide your payment information to the Windows Store. In Store, press the Windows+I hotkey to open Store settings and select Your Account.

Your Account

Here you can configure your payment details and and if you would like to authenticate yourself before you purchase an app. It’s recommended that you always keep the option to ask for password enabled while purchasing the app.

Payment And Billing

Now you can buy and download any paid apps from the Windows Store.


So these were pretty much all the basics about accessing Windows 8 store. If there are any other questions you have in mind that you would like me to answer, just drop a comment.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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