3 Cool Apps For Using iPhone as Your Personal Sports Trainer

Sports Training Apps

Learning a sport is not easy. On one hand, nowadays lots of people focus just on

general training and on staying fit

, and on the other, fitness centers also seem to care about just keeping their customers healthy and in shape, and not in teaching them any discipline.

Of course, if what you want is to learn a sport, you could at any time simply find and hire a personal instructor to learn it. But not only are instructors expensive, they tend to be also very scarce due to the lower demand that specific sports disciplines have.

Thankfully, as is the case with many other scenarios, the phrase “there’s an app for that” also applies for sports’ training, with apps that can teach you just about any sports discipline out there. Most of these apps are paid apps naturally, but there are some that come at no cost (at least initially) and that still provide iOS device users with very nice training tips and tutorials that allow them to learn the sport they want.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular free iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch sports training apps out there.

Soccer Trainer

Developer iAmazing Apps has crafted a reputation for making some very useful, yet not-so-stable apps. That is definitely the case with Soccer Trainer, an app that I found delivers perhaps the most comprehensive training experience in all matters soccer, yet that at times performed slowly, even crashing more than once.

Soccer Trainer Intro
Soccer Trainer Main Screen

Once you start using the app though, it becomes easy to forgive its faults, since it provides a great range of training drills and programs, most of them as paid lessons, but a good deal of them for free.

Soccer Trainer Drills
Soccer Trainer Programs

Soccer Trainer also provides several videos (accessed online) of its training lessons (all of them with their own set of instructions) and others featuring famous players from across the globe. Videos are added regularly, so there is always value in the app even for long-time costumers.

Soccer Trainer Basic Videos
Soccer Trainer Video

The training programs themselves are quite thorough, encompassing workout schedules and many detail videos showing how to perform soccer moves from beginner to advanced.

Soccer Trainer Workout
Soccer Trainer Video Instructions

Baseball Trainer

Baseball Trainer was developed by same the creators of Soccer Trainer, so it is to be expected that the app will perform similarly. Baseball Trainer uses the Parker Training System (at a cost) which is quite popular among those learning baseball.

Baseball Trainer Intro
Baseball Trainer Special Training

The basic, free training is composed of a few videos focused on Hitting. Everything else needs to be purchased from within the app.

Baseball Trainer Video List
Baseball Trainer Video
Baseball Trainer Video Instructions

Overall, Baseball Trainer strikes me as a relatively young app that will increase in value with time. Still, the basic lessons it offers for free should be more than enough for any newbie wanting to start learning baseball.

Yoga Trainer

Yoga might not be considered a full-on sport by many, yet it is no less of a discipline. That is easy to tell of course, with more and more Yoga apps showing up on the App Store every day and with millions of users downloading them. Of all these apps, though, YOGA Free definitely stands out among the rest if just for the sheer volume of programs and instructions that it offers for free (the paid version gets you even more programs and demonstrative videos).

Yoga Free Intro
Yoga Free Menu

Another important feature of Yoga Free is that you are also allowed to create your own routines within the app and to track them and your performance via an integrated calendar.

Yoga Free Own Routine
Yoga Free Calendar
Yoga Free Routines

Overall, for the price of free, you get a very complete yoga app that can take you through the basics and that then will also allow you to create and customize your own, more advanced routines once you are confident with what you’ve learned.

There you have it. Three free, yet excellent sports training apps that you can start using right now to learn the basics about some of the most popular sports/disciplines in the world. Let us know what you think about them in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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