[Quick Tip] Prevent Google From Redirecting You to Its Country-specific Page

Sandeep Agarwal

Google-Go-IconGoogle has adopted the local domain system wherein the search results are specific and closer to the location you are performing your search from. If you have ever observed carefully, when you type and enter google.com in the browser address bar you are automatically redirected to the Google domain of your country. For instance, if you are in India you would be redirected to www.google.co.in.

Now, this behavior can get really annoying at times. The reason is that you may actually want to perform a search on www.google.com instead of the country domain (as the results could vary).



So, is there a way to prevent the redirection and force open www.google.com? Yes, there is. And when you want to do that simply hit the URL http://www.google.com/ncr, where ncr means no country redirection.


You need to do this just once. It results in setting a cookie on your browser and then when you try to reach www.google.com there won’t be any redirection.

If you ever want to revert to the original behavior, just clear you browser cookies. Let us know if this helps.

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