Photoset: A Free and Fast Way to Share Photos From iPhone

Photoset Review

There are many iOS apps out there that allow you to share photos on the web. But they usually lack two things: Simplicity and a reasonable price.

Photoset however, while might not be the most comprehensive one or the most popular photo sharing app out there, delivers in those two fronts in spades with a straightforward interface that connects to many major social networking services like Tumblr and Twitter with ease while at the same time coming at the unbeatable price of $0.

Let’s take a look at how Photoset helps you create and share photo collections.

Upon opening the app, Photoset offers a simple tutorial that takes you through the basics of creating photo collections and uploading them to the web.

Photoset Welcome
Photoset Intro
Photoset Sharing

After a few intro screens the main interface is displayed and ready for you to start working with the app.

Let’s take a brief look at each and everyone of these buttons and their different functions within Photoset:

Photoset Main Screen
  • History: Shows you all the photo collections that you created in the past.
  • Edit: Allows you to delete photos from your current project.
  • Gallery/Camera (bottom center of the screen): Fashioned more like a switch than a button, this one allows you to choose if you want to use a pic or a photo from your Camera Roll or if you would like to take a new photo instead.
  • Options: Let’s you add more information to your current photo collection, like a caption, location and date. It also allows you to choose where to upload your photo collection.
  • Upload: Uploads the collection you just created to one of the services that Photoset connects you to.

Note: I found it mildly annoying that if you have not created projects, unless you create one, Photoset will always take you back to the main tutorial instead of taking you to the main creation screen.

To start creating a photo collection, tap any of the two options of the Gallery/Camera button. For this example, here we will choose a few photos from our Camera Roll.

Photoset Camera Roll

As you choose photos, they will be added to the photo collection you are working on.

Photoset Creating
Photoset Creating More

Once you are done choosing photos, you will be able to drag them and arrange them in different ways. There is no way to pinch and zoom, crop or rotate photos though, which I found slightly disappointing.

Photoset Dragging Photos
Photoset Editing

Once you are done arranging your photos the way you want them, tap on Options to add a caption, a location, a date and to choose where you want to upload your collection. For this review we will use Photoset’s own hosting service.

Photoset Options
Photoset Caption
Photoset Choosing Upload

When you are ready, tap on Upload and your photo collection will start uploading. Once the upload process starts, you will notice that you already have the URL where your photo collection can be seen on any browser (shown on Safari for iOS below). Additionally, you can Tweet or send the link to your photo collection by email to whoever you want to share it with.

Photoset Uploading
Photoset On Safari

You can create as many collections as you want and even leave any of them halfway done for you to return to them later on.

Photoset More Collections

Photoset in Review

With all its limits, I still found Photoset to be extremely useful. It might not seem like it, but with it I was able to go from opening the app to having my small photo collection uploaded and shared in less than 60 seconds. In my book, that makes it a rather useful photo sharing app that anyone should try.

If you use it and like it (or not), let us know in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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