Search Inside Buildings With Google Indoor Maps On Android

Did you know that you can navigate locations like airports, malls, and more for select locations with Google Indoor Maps on your Android? Yes, Google has detailed floor plans for many commercial locations around the world. Check out the complete list of locations here on this Google Support page.

If one is available for a place near you, it is a great way to pinpoint a meeting place and locate someone amidst the crowd. You can also search for the nearest bathroom, coffee shop, or airport gate.

Indoor Maps is built into Google Maps for mobile, and you can search by keyword or destination as you normally do on a regular Google Map. Remember, you can also search by voice.

You can also upload a floor plan if you are in the US, UK, and Japan. Here’s the video tutorial:

So, next time when you are stuck finding something in a mall or airport, do remember to try this out.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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