How to Enable Flash on Any Website in IE 10 Modern Browser

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If you are using

Modern Internet Explorer on Windows 8

, you might have noticed that sometimes flash videos don’t load on quite a few websites. It’s not that the Modern Internet Explorer does not support flash videos, it only plays them for some specific websites that are part of the


provided by Microsoft. Desktop Internet Explorer sure does

support flash videos

on all the websites, but why not fix it for the Modern app as well?

Before I show you how you can patch the problem on IE 10, I would recommend you switch to Chrome for its amazing features and better user accessibility. However, if you still want to continue with IE, let’s see how we can add websites to its whitelist.

Adding Websites to IE 10 Whitelist

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer 10 in desktop mode. If the browser opens in Modern interface for you, right-click anywhere in IE 10 and select the option View on the desktop from the settings.

Open In Desktop

Step 2: After IE 10 opens up in desktop mode, click on Tools and select Compatibility view settings.

Compatiblity Settings

Step 3: Doing this will open up Internet Explorer 10 Compatibility View Settings. Here, remove the check from the option Download updated compatibility lists from Microsoft and save the settings. This step makes sure that the websites you add to the whitelist are not erased when Microsoft updates the whitelist.

Remove Auto Update

Step 4: Now open Run box, type in the command notepad %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\IECompatData\iecompatdata.xml and press Enter. This command will open up the file that keeps track of whitelist websites for IE 10.

Step 5: Find the keyword in the text file and under the element flash type in domain>>. Replace the URL with the website you want to add to whitelist. Add all the websites you want to add and save the file when you are done.

Add Website


So that was how we can enable flash in Internet Explorer 10 for all the websites. However, you should be careful before adding a website to the whitelist as it affects your battery performance. Don’t add too many I’d say.

Before I conclude, I want to thank Marvin S, a developer from XDA for this amazing trick. Keep going Marvin!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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