[Quick Tip] Start Command Prompt As Admin from Windows Task Manager

Sandeep Agarwal

Command-Prompt-ThumbnailThe simplest and quickest way to open the Command Prompt is to key in cmd in Windows Search and hit Enter. Or you can always pin it somewhere. However, that does not start the Command Prompt as administrator; unless, you have changed the settings to always start it as administrator.

Another way is to navigate to the cmd.exe file location (on Windows directory, via start menu or any other method), right-click on it and say Run as administrator.

Well, you know these things, don’t you? What you might not know is, if you start cmd from the Windows Task Manager it runs as administrator. Here’s how:-

Step 1: Simply hit Ctrl + Shift + Esc on your keyboard (that starts the Task Manager) and then click on File -> New Task.


Step 2: A new dialog box will open. Type cmd and hit Enter to start the Command Prompt as administrator.


Cool Tip: If you want, you can cut down on Step 2 as well. That is, you can click on New Task in Step 1 while holding the Ctrl key and that will directly start the Command Prompt.

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