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I am hardly what you would call a ‘gym rat’. I am more of a regular guy who does exercise but often hits the wall of de-motivation. I don’t have a personal trainer – I am guessing most of you don’t – and so I have to rely on my own limited knowledge and the unlimited knowledge on the web.

Thanks to mobile and web apps, the best of fitness knowledge are just a click away. What gets me off the couch are simple exercise routines that aren’t too much into heavy equipment use. Simple workouts like the one we had profiled before with GAIN Fitness help you quickly get into the core business of exercising.

A fresh application called Sworkit promises the same. Here’s a video introduction for you, if you are more of a visual guy.

Sworkit rightly believes that workouts tend to become repetitive and therefore boring. The motivating element in all exercise regimens is constantly evolving exercises that challenge you to break some sweat. Circuit training is the answer. For those new to the concept of circuit training, here’s a little primer on Wikipedia. If you know all about circuit training, then read on to learn how Sworkit helps you stay on the motivated treadmill and keep fit.

Sworkit has a very simple interface and works in three simple steps:


Choose a Desired Length for Your Workout


You may not have the same time to exercise every day. But even if its 5 minutes, Sworkit has a plan for you. Choose the length of time from the dropdown. The maximum is 1 hour.

Choose a Strength Training Workout or Go for Yoga or Stretching


From full body exercise to more focused ones for the upper or lower body, Sworkit covers it all. An option like Anything Goes gives you the full range. Not up to it for other reasons…you can opt to try out just yoga or stretching exercises.

Just Start Exercising Now


The above screen explains it well enough. Exercises are illustrated with simple graphics. The larger timer takes you through 30 seconds of each exercise, while the smaller timer counts the overall workout which you specified in the first step. There is a 30 second break between each exercise. You can skip an exercise if you do not feel comfortable with it, or can’t do it. Sworkit is flexible enough to allow you to pause and re-start as needed and also use the Start Over button to go back to the beginning and choose another workout.

You can see the entire library of exercises on the Exercises page. The individual exercises are linked to third-party websites and YouTube videos which explain the exercises in more detail.


It is always advocated that you check out these resources and see for yourself the correct form that’s required to do the exercises.

The Burn section of Sworkit is a handy calculator which displays the amount of calories lost as per the workout.


Sworkit has free and pro versions available on the iPhone App Store and Google Play. If you like simple, no frill exercises which are cleverly organized for you, do give Sworkit a spin.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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