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Spotify, the world of endless music, is my current favorite toy. We have already seen how we can

use Spotify custom radio stations to discover new music


enable the scrobbler

. Today we will see something very interesting and that’s how to

get auto-scrolling lyrics of songs that you are playing


The lyrics feature is not built into Spotify and thus we will have to use a third party app named TuneWiki to integrate the feature. So let’s see how we can install the application and use it on Spotify.

Installing TuneWiki in Spotify

To install the TuneWiki app in Spotify, open Spotify on your desktop and click on the link App Finder under Apps in the left sidebar. TuneWiki is one of the best rated apps on Spotify and you will see it at the top of the list. Simply click on the Add button next to the TuneWiki app to add it to your Spotify account.

Install Tunewiki

That’s all, the work’s done. From now on, whenever you want to see the lyrics of a song that’s playing on Spotify and sing along, click on the TuneWiki app that’s been added in the app section. TuneWiki will automatically analyze the song and display the lyrics to you. Moreover, as the song is playing, the lyrics will auto-scroll and automatically highlight the current line.


So that was how you can view the lyrics of the song that you are playing on Spotify. However, that’s not all. You can also contribute to TuneWiki.

Editing Lyrics

If you see that the lyrics of a particular song is out of sync, you can edit it for the good of others. Syncing the song is a very simple task with TuneWiki, you just need to press the next button while the song is playing to sync each line of the lyrics.

Tunewiki Edit Sync Flag

If you see that a song is missing its lyrics you can go ahead and add the lyrics. Search for the lyrics of the song on Google, paste it on TuneWiki and sync it. I admit that this might take some time, but if someone would have not worked for the lyrics of your favorite song, you would not be getting it synced in the first place. It’s all about the community you know.

Share The Lyrics you Love

You can also share a section of the lyrics you love on Facebook in the form of photos with custom backdrops. Click on the link Get Creative in TuneWiki app and customize the portrait. Later when you are done, you can share the song on Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr.

Share Your Lyrics

Note: You will be needing TuneWiki account to edit lyrics but you can create it in the app itself.


So that was how you can view lyrics in Spotify and sing along with your favorite artists. If you love Spotify, don’t forget to subscribe to our updates. It’s a matter of time I stumble upon another cool feature and share it with our readers.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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