Windows: Check System Processes That Should or Should Not Run

File Inspect Library IntroOur Windows machine gives us a sleek streamlined interface. But there is a lot happening under the hood. To get a glimpse into the processes that are concurrently on, you just have to bring up the Task Manager with a CTRL+ALT+DELETE. That’s good as a first step, but how do you find out which processes are ‘sanctioned’ by Windows or a genuine application, and which ones could be the malicious ones?

Of course, you can Google the process name and find out all about it. But instead of sifting through all the results, use File Inspect Library (beta) for clear explanations on essential and non-essential Windows processes.

File Inspect Library

File Inspect Library is an expanding library of Windows processes that you can refer to and stay on the safe side. Use it like a search engine by typing in the process name and File Inspect Library displays a detailed information page. Three colored indicators highlight if the system file is safe, unsafe, or dangerous.

Cool Tip: Check what’s that svchost.exe process all about and how to know what’s behind it.

Though the site advocates tools like Auslogics for system maintenance, I would bypass that and use tools which I am familiar with.

Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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