Fotobabble Lets You Add Voice To Images Easily

Remember those flying dragons and speaking photos in Harry Potter’s world? Well, with the internet at your service, you could create some of those too. Like, creating your own talking photo. Yes, you can do that with the help of web application known as Fotobabble.

It is a useful tool where you can make your pictures talk in three simple steps. Upload your photo, record your voice and share it with your friends and family via social networking sites and emails. You can also keep your photo private if you don’t want to share it (although that would seem highly improbable).


Obviously, photos can’t replace charm of videos but you could do things like including a description to make it better. An example – suppose, you have pictures of your first horse riding experience. You can share them with your friends by  adding your own voice, describing how you felt during that moment.

There could be many more reasons to use this tool. According to Fotobabble,

This tool can be used for large number of purposes including reviewing products, songs, movies, TV shows or reporting from the scene of something newsworthy.

You can embed your Fotobabble processed photo on your website or blog. Also, it provides an option to share it as your Facebook status and your friends can play the photo directly from there.

One of the things I’d like to see is an integration with Flickr or Picasa in some way. It’d definitely be more interesting then.


  • Web app to upload photo, record a voice and share it.
  • Supports JPG, PNG and GIF image formats. For audio, it supports mp3, flv and wav formats.
  • You can edit, delete or resize your photo anytime.
  • Available as an app for iPhone, Blackberry and Android. Support for other mobile devices coming soon.
  • It uses Adobe Flash to perform the recording of your voice from your microphone.
  • Slideshows and voice comments coming soon.

Use Fotobabble to create talking photos. Also check out 10 Superb Online Tools For Fun Photo Effects.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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