How to Enable on Spotify (Windows and Mobile)

I always scrobble the songs I listen to to to get recommendations which also helps in discovering new music based upon my taste. When I used to play music locally on the computer, I used the official scrobbler to do the task. When I switched to Google Music, I used the scrobbler script for the task.

Now though I have moved on to Spotify, I still find myself using the scrobbler. But unlike the above two, I don’t need to use an additional tool to scrobble the music. The scrobbler comes integrated with both the desktop and the smartphone app of Spotify. So let’s see how we can use this feature.

On Spotify for Desktop

Open Spotify Preferences from Edit ->Preferences. From here you can control almost every aspect of Spotify.

Edit Preferences

Here, under the Activity Sharing section, check the option Scrobble to and type in your username and password. The changes are saved instantly and all the songs you play on Spotify will be updated to automatically.

Activity Sharing

On Spotify for Mobile or Smartphones

Open the sidebar on Spotify app and tap on settings to open Spotify app settings

Spotify Android Last Fm 2

Scroll down to find the option scrobbling and type in your credentials to enable the scrobbling.

Spotify Android Last Fm 1

So that was how you can scrobble your Spotify tracks to However, there is no way you can control the percentage of music you want to play before scrobbles it but I guess that’s not much of a deal breaker.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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