Burn Note: Create, Share Timer Based Self-Destructing Notes

Burning Note ThumbnailSometimes, when we chat with people online, we tend to backup the chat history as a proof of agreement or as an asset of memorable moments. I wish all those chat services had an incognito mode too. Something of a sort where we could set the chat conversation to automatically delete after a certain period of time (even while the conversation is still on).

That helps when we have something very confidential to share and wish to leave no trace whatsoever. Stuck for a similar need? Burn Note is what might help.

Burn Note Interface E1351330150343

All you need to do is navigate to the service website, type your message and click on the Send button. Well, that’s not just it. If you want you can expand the Options menu and choose the type of note display, enable/disable timer, set expiry time and choose a password.

Burn Notes Options

As you click on the send button, you will be presented a unique link that you can share with the recipient.

Burn Note Link

The recipient, on opening the link will be asked for a password (if you have set it) and will be allowed to read the message only within the given time frame, or burn it before time and/or reply as well.

Received Note

You may choose to create an account for yourself which will help you in storing the messages that you send. It will also allow you to maintain contacts and few more tasks.

Image Credit: Denis Dervisevic

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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