Don’t Let Facebook Friends Know You Saw Chat Ping / Message

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Do you remember the good old days when you could just ignore somebody’s

chat message on Facebook

and tell them later that you missed the message because you were not at your desk? Yes, indeed they were good times until Facebook came up with this nasty (it may not be for you though) idea of

acknowledging read receipts


There are ways to appear offline on Facebook and you can do that as a whole, to certain groups or individuals. That way you can be online yet ensure that you won’t be disturbed. Yet, there is always a chance that you forget to apply such a setting and receive a ping from not-so-important person. Now, when the person on the other end knows that you have “Seen” the message, it kinda compels you to reply, right?

Faceboo Chat Seen

I mean why this obligation. They (Facebook) could have at least provided an option to enable or disable this acknowledge thing. That way we would have more freedom.

Worry not, we are here with a solution and will tell you how to ascertain that your friends do not know if you have read a message.

As featured on TNW, Facebook Chat Undetected is a cross-browser add-on from Crossrider. It supports Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari which also makes it stand out against other such add-ons. And as already said, it lets you go undetected when you do not want to reply to a message on Facebook… such a relief.

If you wish to have Chat Undetected, follow the link and download/install the add-on. Make sure to do that from the browser you use. If you have multiple choices you will have to do that individually for each browser that you use.

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There is nothing more about options or settings associated with the add-on. Like other add-ons, you will have the choice to enable/disable it. But once installed, it works right out of the box.


This extension has actually de-stressed me so to speak. I have definitely been able to get back to the Facebook days when I could leave a message aside and not worry about being detected. While I hope Facebook will allow users to make this choice sooner or later, I also wonder if they might end up seeing 100% users disabling the same.

Image Credit: Walt Stoneburner

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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