5 Best Features of Dolphin Browser for Android

I don’t know the exact figures, but I am sure that most of the Android users use Chrome, Opera, Firefox or the built-in stock browser for their daily browsing needs. Well, it’s the normal human tendency to believe that if a tool excels on the desktop, it will be wonderful on smartphone as well.

Dolphin Browser

However, it’s not true always. Dolphin Browser, meant exclusively for smartphones and tablets has many amazing features when compared to all the popular Android browsers mentioned above. So let’s have a look at these exclusive features Dolphin Browser provides when compared to others.

Dolphin Sonar

Dolphin Sonar is one of the best things about this browser. Using this feature you can use voice commands on Dolphin to get your work done. You can search, share and navigate by talking to Dolphin Browser. Just shake your phone and say a query.

Dolphin Browser For Android 2

For example, if you want to search which is the nearest café around, all you need to do is, shake your phone and ask for it. Dolphin will do a simple web search and let you know. Here’s a list of commands that you can use on Dolphin Sonar.

Dolphin Gesture

Dolphin Browser For Android 3

Dolphin also supports gesture recognition to ease your browsing experience. You can open most of the websites you visit frequently by drawing a gesture on the screen. We have already talked about how to use the Dolphin Sonar and Gesture feature. You can refer to it for additional details.

Integration of Add-ons

Just like we use extensions on desktop browsers to seamlessly integrate certain features, we can use add-ons in Dolphin browser as well. Personally speaking, the LastPass add-on for Dolphin Browser made the experience worth the subscription fee. There is sniping, translate and so many other add-ons one can install and use, it doesn’t seem like he is browsing on a phone.

Dolphin Browser For Android 4

Currently there might not be as many add-ons (around 50) but new ones are being added from time to time.

Private Browsing

Dolphin Browser For Android 5

Private browsing is not implemented directly in Dolphin like the incognito mode of Chrome, but you can turn on private browsing by tweaking with the browser settings. If you are interested in knowing about how to use private browsing on Dolphin, you can have a look at this article.

Mask User Agent

Dolphin Browser For Android 1

Most of the smartphone browsers let you access the desktop site but using Dolphin Browser you can not only request to fetch desktop version but the iPhone or iPad page as well. Just open Dolphin Browser settings and select the user agent you would like.


So those were are the best things about Dolphin Browser for Android. Go ahead and try it out for a few days. See if the above features tempt you enough to let go of your previous Android browser of choice.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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