[Quick Tip] Cus­tomize Mouse Scrolling Speed on Windows

Sandeep Agarwal

Mouse-WheelIn Windows the default scroll value for the Mouse wheel is set to 3. That means when you roll the wheel once, a document, web page, or anything else would scroll by three lines. Now, this may not be working perfectly for you. It could be slow or fast for your fingers and/or eyes.

So, what then? Is there a solution to customize the speed of the mouse and modify the scrolling behavior? Yes, there is and that’s what we are up to today. Follow the steps below:-

Step 1: Launch the Control Panel (easiest way to do is from the Start menu) and click on the option for Mouse.

Step 2: The Mouse Properties dialog box will be opened. Switch the highlight to Wheel tab and set the number of lines you wish to scroll at a time for Vertical and Horizontal Scrolling. For Vertical Scrolling you can even set one screen scrolling at a time.


I hope this helps you get a better degree of accuracy with the mouse. Of course, you will need to try out a few values before you find the best fit for you.

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Image Credit: Rod Senna

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