3 Best Tools to Create YouTube Playlists

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Quite frankly, I don’t think we use

YouTube playlists

as much as we should. They are very useful tools to enhance your YouTube viewing experience. You can very easily put a YouTube playlist to use as a category specific list of videos and watch them all in one go without breaking your stare.

Playlists are also useful for collecting videos you like in one seamless list and for sharing them with friends. It’s easy to create a playlist in YouTube itself. But there are other ways to quickly create playlists – especially music playlists – where you don’t have to hunt around that and can create a non-interrupted YouTube show in minutes.

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Tubalr started out more as a personal project but the developer’s intention was the same as ours – a simple app that could play great YouTube videos back to back without us needing to intervene. The simple site is ad-free and uncluttered because it is not yet meant to earn revenues.


You can register and log in to start creating your playlist by clicking the playlist icon to the top right of your YouTube player. Search and add videos to it to grow your playlist. Tubalr allows you to share playlists and also single videos. A feature I liked was that I can search multiple videos on the single search bar by separating my query with a semi-colon. For instance: Pink Floyd ; Led Zeppelin ; The Doors


MixTube gives you an interface to create audio playlists quickly using YouTube videos as source. MixTube is the YouTube version of a mixtape. The playlist ‘editor’ gives you fields to enter a title, caption, give it a color, and then start adding YouTube videos with a link.


You can also quickly add videos in one go by adding a YouTube username. MixTube has a basic player which you can use to play the audios sourced from YouTube videos. You can link to the video on YouTube from the song. You can shuffle any playlist and play them in a loop.


ToobBox is a quick and easy tool for creating music playlists and sharing it with your friends. You can also import playlists from your friends using their playlist IDs. You can thus create and save multiple playlists and access them anytime in your account. ToobBox allows you to rate the music videos and sort them around by ratings, song title, or artist.

Toob Box

ToobBox has a friendly and attractive interface that adds to its easy appeal. You can also send in your playlist suggestions and ToobBox will make a playlist for you.

The idea of playlists is that you select the songs you want to hear and set them to play back to back. Though YouTube has its own playlist feature it’s good to have a few options outside it. I personally prefer going for audio-only playlist because they buffer faster than videos. What about you? Do you create YouTube playlists?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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