Speed U Review: A Great Free Launcher for Your iPhone

Speed UThere is no doubt that one of the advantages of being an iPhone owner is that you can choose from an unprecedented selection of apps and games, most of them of great quality. However, unless you are extremely methodical about organizing your downloaded apps and games, sooner than later you will find that your iPhone screen is a mess due to the vast amount of applications that you have downloaded.

Before, it would have been a complete hassle to take care and organize all these apps and games for yourself. But now, thanks to Speed U, a free launcher app for iPhone, not only can you forget completely about organizing your apps and games, but you can also have a set of very handy tools and shortcuts at the tip of your fingers.

Let’s take an in-depth look at Speed U and how it can improve your experience on your iPhone.

Upon starting Speed U on your iPhone and seeing the startup screen, the app will present you with a few shortcuts that come already loaded in it.

Speed U Start Screen Speed U Main Screen

Dragging the screen upwards or downwards will activate the Edit Speed and New Speed options respectively. These allow you to either edit a current action and shortcut (which the app calls “Speeds”) or to create one.

Edit Action Or Shortcut Create Action Or Shortcut

Now, to create a new action or shortcut, drag the screen down until the “New Speed” screen shows up. This screen will reveal all the options that Speed U provides. App Action shows you a list of your apps for you to choose which ones to create shortcuts for. Speed Dial, Text Message, Launch Website and Speed Email allow you to create shortcuts for these very actions, while Flash Light, Brightness Setting and QR Code Scanner are additional actions that are quite useful.

Add Action Screen

To better exemplify how Speed U works, let’s try adding both a shortcut and a custom action.

To add shortcuts to your most used apps and games, drag the main screen down to go to the New Speed screen. There tap on “App Action”. A list of almost every app available on your iPhone will be displayed (left screenshot). From there just tap on any app that you would like to have an easy access to and Speed U will add it to its main screen for you to launch (right screenshot).

Apps To Choose Apps On Main Screen

Now, let’s add a shortcut to Guiding Tech’s website. To do that go to Speed U’s main screen and tap on Launch Website. The app will display a short form for you to fill in the website’s URL and its title. Tap Done and the shortcut will be added to Speed U’s main screen, allowing you to launch Guiding Tech with just one tap from then onwards.

Adding Website Website On Main Screen

The whole point of a launcher app like Speed U is to provide simple and fast access to apps, settings and custom actions. Speed U does great job doing precisely this. It might not have all the flare and complexity of other paid launchers, but for a free application it definitely delivers.

Try it out and let us know how it worked out for ya.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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