6 Cool Title bar Tricks for Windows 7 [Quick Tip]

The title bar on Windows has those three action buttons that each one of us use – Minimize, Restore/Maximize and Close. Besides, it also shows the title of an application, windows, web page etc. based on the window you are referring to.

Windows Titlebar Examples

However, there are more things that this bar is capable of doing. And though we do not see those options they can be of great use. Some of these are the aero effects on Windows.

  1. Double click on a Window title bar to maximize it if it is not or restore it if it is maximized.
  2. Hold the Window on the title bar and shake it (when it is not maximized) to minimize all other Windows, other than the one you are holding. Do this again to bring them back. (If you want to disable this effect, we’ve got a guide on that too)
  3. Double click on the left end of the title bar to close the window.
  4. Hold a window by the title bar and drag it towards the top of the screen in order to maximize it.
  5. Holding a window and pulling it towards the left or right edge tiles the window to that half of the screen.
  6. Right-click on the title bar to view options that are same as when you hit Alt + Spacebar.

Titlebar Right Click Options

Have you been using any of these? Do you know of more tricks that I may have missed telling about? Let us know.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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