Dvour: A Food Website Designed For Sharing Recipes Quickly

Very few can argue with the fact that it’s the photos of beautifully crafted recipes that entices one’s taste buds even before the recipe is in full view. Dvour is a fresh and relatively new website that firmly believes in this. This food and recipe website is not only beautifully designed but is functional as well. The design of the site has been done – I think – with an eye on mobile devices like iPads and other tablets. It is very tablet friendly, while losing none of its charm on a desktop.


One of the good things about Dvour is that you don’t need to register and create an account to browse through the recipes and share them as well. But you can also easily log in with Facebook and add recipes to your personal ‘cookbook’. Dvour is designed to be a website for easy sharing of recipes. The sharing feature drives the social discovery that should ultimately help it build up a community of food lovers.

As you can see from the screen above, the design is clean and uncluttered. There are some recipes featured front and center. I couldn’t figure out if they are the latest recipes that have been shared or are they the more popular ones.

There are two main ways to dive into the recipes. You can browse recipes or use the search bar that’s positioned right in the middle. Browsing through the recipes takes you to a page where recipes are arranged almost linearly.


The visual showcase is nice and clear…but more experienced users of recipe websites would probably prefer a few filters to help them sort the dishes on offer.  At present, you can simply arrange them according to what’s recent and what’s popular.

The recipes have all been contributed by members as this site is community driven. You can check out the contributions and activity of each member by clicking on their thumbnails. The recipe page is minimal with the sharing links dominating on one side.


You can share a recipe across the popular networks and also send it to Pinterest. The list of ingredients and the cooking directions are not very complicated. In fact, most of the recipes I came across on the site seemed simple to follow and cook.

See a recipe you like? Add it to your cookbook on the site.

The site is fresh and so the collection of recipes is not yet encyclopedic. But it is growing at a fast clip. Dvour gives pride of place to the look of the food using the large images front and center. There are no ads and other non-essential elements to clutter up the page. Yes, of course it could do with some improvements like a few more filters and a way to calibrate the recipe according to the servings. But as a beginning, Dvour ticks the right boxes.

Which are your other favorite food and recipe sites? Do we have some serious foodies among our readers?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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