[Quick Tip] Use the Find & Replace Tool To Insert A Text String After A Word In MS Word

Saikat Basu

mswordlogo The Find and Replace feature of Microsoft Word is a huge productivity booster because it allows us to do even massive text replacements with a single click. But what if you don’t want to replace a text string, but add something after it?

There are many real-word examples of such a scenario. You might have to add a degree after a name; you might have to add the name of a co-worker after another’s name; or any other piece of data which the document might need to be complete.

You can do so simply with the ^& code in the Replace With value in the Find and Replace toolbox. For e.g. in the graphic below,

Find & Replace in MS Word

The process will fire and find all instances of the name Jane Smith. But it will also add the degree of PhD. after the name. The ^& code is a placeholder for the text string in the Find field.

Hope you enjoyed this quick tip!

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