Flixtime: Quickly Create Video Slideshows from Images, Videos & Text

A nice way to preserve memories of important occasions like birthdays, weddings and vacations is by creating a photo slideshow. Better, create a video out of those images and it would tempt you to revisit those memories frequently.

Flixtime is a nice web based tool that can easily combine your photos, videos and text to create a cool music video. Create and share 60-second videos in 3 steps. No expensive video editing software needed.


Creating video from images is simple. Signup for the service. Give a name to the video, add a description, select resolution. Now add photos, background music and text to slide and hit the “Render Video” button. It will create a video immediately. You can download this video to your computer or embed it on your websites or blogs using buttons given below the video.

You can also upload your videos and add them to the main video. It would only accept 10 second (or less) clips though. And the file upload limit is 60 files. It’s in beta and hence the constraint. They promise to increase the limits soon.

You can share this video via various social networking sites. Also you can send the video to multiple friends via email.

An interesting feature of this tool is what they call Media Lounge. It aims to make your videos better through its collection of stock images and tunes. You could choose from a variety of images and tunes from the collection to add to your videos. The stock images are provided by Fotolia.

The needs latest version of flash and Java to run.


  • Creates music video by joining different images and videos.
  • Various output formats available MP4, DivX, H264, FLV, MP4 iPod etc.
  • You can upload video files in avi, mpg, flv, wmv and mov files formats, and image files in jpeg, gif and png formats.
  • Move, rotate and duplicate images.
  • Embed or download the video.
  • You can share the video on more than 200 sites including Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.
  • Supported by all major browsers.
  • Currently in beta period. You can upload up to 60 files only.

Check out Flixtime to create great 60-second video slideshows from your images.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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