How to Set a Song as Your Alarm on iPhone

I Phone Set Alarm SongOne of the nicest things about having an iPhone (or any smartphone for that matter) is that it really can turn into almost everything you might need, ranging from a simple note-taking device to a complex task manager and even a fully-featured media player.

However, sometimes a few simple but important features of the iPhone go completely under the radar, even though they can be really useful and original. One such feature is the iPhone’s alarm function, which can be found inside the native Clock app.

I Phone Alarm

Usually, some people don’t even know it is there, and those who know think of it as just another alarm with the same set of annoying preset sounds. However, you can actually have as much control as you want over the sound of your iPhone alarm, and can even set it to be your favorite song.

To do just that, open the Clock app and then tap on Alarm. Then tap the “+” button located at the top right of the screen. You will notice that there are a few options there. To set a song as your alarm, tap on Sound.

Add I Phone Alarm 

I Phone Sound

The next screen will show you all the available set tones that you can use as an alarm. However, if you scroll all the way up, under “Songs” you will find the option Pick a song. This will present you with your music library, from where you will be able to pick any song to use as your new alarm sound.

I Phone Song Alarm I Phone Song Library

Once you choose your desired song, head back and you will see that the song you just chose is checked as your selected alarm tone. Go back to the main alarm screen and then tap Save to save your newly created alarm.

I Phone Song Alarm Set I Phone Song Alarm Save

Now, whenever you create a new alarm, the song that you just chose will be the default alarm tone. You can also set a different song as a tone for each alarm and have an alarm set as diverse as your music taste.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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