How to Customize iPad Wallpapers Before Downloading

Customize I Pad Wallpaper OnlineWhile we all usually choose to download wallpapers for our Retina and Non-retina iPads from the web, we are always forced to accept the way those wallpapers look. However, thanks to, users are now able to not just download, but also to customize iPad wallpapers before downloading them. All happening right on their iPads’ browsers.

Let’s take a look at how to customize and download your own wallpaper using this online service.

First, head to using your iPad’s web browser. Upon entering the website, you will be greeted with a nifty animation that provides a very simple overview of what you are capable of doing with its tools. Tap on Gallery to go to the website’s main screen.

Intro Screen1

On the main screen you will be presented with a gallery featuring the latest additions to their iPad wallpaper selection. All works available on the gallery are original and have been submitted by their own creators. If you would like to submit an original iPad wallpaper of your own, you are able to do so from any screen on the website.Just tap the Submission menu and fill in the required information.

Main Gallery1

Once you find a wallpaper that you like, tap on it to open it on the editing screen. Upon entering this screen you will see a full view of your chosen image on the left, as well as some sharing options, related images and ads on the right.

Main Editing Screen Iii

The option that interest us in this screen however, is the option to download our wallpaper. But before saving your final wallpaper, let’s customize it a bit. To do that, tap on the fx tab at the upper left corner of your image to edit it.

Download Button1

Fx Tab

Once you tap the fx label, a small toolbar will appear at the left of your image displaying a few simple options (All pictured below): Two main editing options (Pixelate and Blurry) plus three secondary options (Lines, Mesh and Grains). Additionally, you will find a slider tool under these options, as well as the Done and Cancel buttons.

Editing Toolbar1

To edit your image, first you will have to choose among the two main editing options, Pixelate and Blurry. As expected, the Pixelate option pixelates your image, while the Blurry option will blur it. To adjust the degree of pixelation/blurriness, simply move the slider up or down.

Here is a view of our chosen image after applying the Pixelate (left) and Burry (right) effects respectively, both set at the minimum slider level:

Editing Pixelated2 Editing Blur1

Once you are done choosing the main effect for your image, as well as setting its intensity with the slider, it is time to choose one of the three secondary editing options. As their names imply, all three effects (Lines, Mesh and Grains) add a layer to the image. Here is our main image with no main effect chosen and the three different secondary options – Lines (Left), Mesh (Center) and Grains (Right) – applied on.

Editing Lines1 Editing Mesh1 Editing Grain1

Note: The secondary editing options cannot be adjusted with the slider.

After tweaking your image to your liking, it is time to download it to finally use it as your iPad’s wallpaper. To do that, tap the Download button to the right.

Download Button1

The final image will be displayed on your iPad’s screen in full size and ready to use as wallpaper. To do just that, tap and hold on it and choose Save Image.

Save To Photo Library

From your Photo Library now choose your newly created image, then tap the Share button and finally tap on “Use as Wallpaper” from the available options.

Using As Wallpaper1

All in all, while this web tool might not offer the sophistication of native apps, it definitely gets the job done, all the while giving us a glimpse of what future web apps and hardware iterations will be able to accomplish.

Enjoy your custom iPad wallpaper!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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