[Quick Tip] Draw Accu­rate Lines, Cir­cles and Oth­er Shapes in MS Paint

Sandeep Agarwal

Few days back we uncovered four beautiful tricks to make you cleverer with MS Paint to enhance your art work and creations. If you found them interesting and helpful, here are four more that you would certainly like.

These tricks work when you have the Shift key pressed. Indeed, they become a trick only when you press the Shift key. And the trick is to draw perfect squares, circles and lines at a certain angle. So, remember Shift when you are drawing one of those.

1. Holding the Shift key while drawing a line helps you draw a line at perfect 45 degrees or perfect 90 degrees.


2. Holding the Shift key while drawing a circle using the ellipse tools helps you draw a perfect circle. No more struggling wondering if you got it right!


3. Holding the Shift key while drawing a rectangle is the best way to result in a perfect square. The same applies to rounded rectangles.


4. Give a try to other shapes like triangle, pentagon, hexagon and stars as well. You will be amazed.


Also, check out our complete list of MS Paint keyboard shortcuts.

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