How to Add More Action Buttons to Windows Explorer Toolbar

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Recently we shared two tools and strategies that help you

customize the Windows 7 Libraries

and the

taskbar thumbnails in all possible ways

. On similar lines, today we plan to discuss a tool that helps you

customize the toolbar

on Windows 7 explorer. Should work on Windows 8 too.

We will learn how to tailor the set of action buttons that appear on the toolbar. With this tool we will be able to extend the activities that can be performed right from the toolbar. In a way we will be doing things in fewer clicks than we would without those buttons. Here’s how the toolbar appears by default.

Default Explorer Toolbar

Before reading any further, I suggest you open one on your machine and take note of the different buttons that appear and what gets added or removed when you select a folder, a file or a special folder from the library.

Without delay, download this application called Custom Explorer Toolbar. Unzip the downloaded file in to a folder and execute the exe to get started. You do not have to go through any installation process because the application is portable.

Unziped Files

When you run the application its interface will be displayed in a separate window. And as you can see from the image below, it shows four sections. Let us see what those sections mean.

Custom Explorer Toolbar

Action: This is where you choose to add new buttons or remove the existing ones.

Toolbar Mode: You must have noticed that in the default setup all buttons do not always appear. Some of them become visible on selecting one or more items. You may define a similar setting for the new button that you add.

Buttons List: This is the core of the app. You need to check the list of action buttons that you wish to add or remove (based on the Action that you have selected).

Folder Types: In this section you can check the folder types that you wish to bring under the affect of newly added buttons.

How to Add or Remove Buttons?

In order to add or remove new buttons to the toolbar, select the associated Action, define the Toolbar Mode, check the list of buttons and Folder Types. Finally, hit on the Do It button. Exit the interface. Close and reopen the Windows explorer or simply refresh the interface. Bang, you will see the new buttons there. I added those to Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Select All and Menu Bar (below image).

Customized Explorer Toolbar

Note: You can remove the buttons that you have added using the tool. The buttons that come with Windows 7 or 8 by default cannot be removed using this tool.


The addition of buttons can be a real help in performing certain actions quickly. At least they save you a click or two (if you are not quite comfortable and familiar with Windows shortcuts). Do not forget to tell us what buttons you plan to add. We may also discuss on what else could have been there. ????

Image Credit: Norlando Pobre

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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