Memo Notepad: Simple Way to Store Thoughts, Notes in Chrome

Memo Notepad IntroProductive web browsing entails that you have a few extensions and in-browser tools that help you quickly capture ideas. When we are talking about taking notes while stumbling across interesting things on the web, more well-known names like the ever present Evernote and the more recognized Quick Note come to mind. We have also looked at Chromepad previously.

But the thing with browser extensions remains – one is always looking for the next best thing especially when productivity is involved. So, here we are pulling out Memo Notepad, a relatively new kid on the block for a tryout with notes.

If you have used Quick Note before, you will appreciate the same simplicity in Memo Notepad. Side by side there’s very little to separate them. You need to give the extension an email address before you install the notepad tool in your browser. Memo Notepad gives you the familiar notebook styled lined interface to capture your notes.

Memo Notepad

Memo Notepad uses the handwriting font as a default. But if it’s too scribbly for you, you can click on the email address on the top-right and pick the second font-style that’s available. The Standard font is neater but it takes away a bit of the charm which the handwriting font had on the ruled ‘sheets’.

The tool saves your notes locally, but as an added safeguard, it also uses a cloud storage option. The cloud storage enables you to sync your notes across different computers with your email address. You can use Memo Notepad offline or online – your notes made offline will sync when you get online.

The quickest way to add a note is by selecting a string of text on a webpage and using the right-click menu to insert it into Memo Notepad. One of the nice features here is that the webpage URL from where you copied the text is also included in your note.

Memo Notepad02

You can manually start new notes by clicking on the pencil icon. There’s no way to rearrange the order of the notes at present…the latest will be on top. You can junk the notes you want. The search feature is useful because it also searches within the text of all notes and brings the right one front and center. It’s a quicker way to access the notes when you have lots of them lined up, and are unsure about the title.

Memo Notepad03

Memo Notepad is as simple as they come. It seems to be a relatively new extension, so hopefully there will be more developments. A help file could be a step in the right direction though using it is pretty intuitive. Try out Memo Notepad and tell us if it has the right stuff to be on your Chrome productivity list.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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